Summer dress features

The features of the summer short dress are playful, the bottom line of the skirt is above the knee, and the calf is exposed from the layers of the yarn, which still shows the grace of the bride. The skirt is designed with layers of pure white yarn, white yarn with pink yarn, white yarn with red yarn, etc., sewn into a shape of a large flower, the shape of the skirt is made slightly longer at the front end, and the dress is playful. Keren is also generous and luxurious. The skirt is decorated with crystals, sparkle at a certain point in time, so that the summer bride is justified!
????Not only is the skirt short, the upper body of the summer dress is as short! There is a traditional sling design, wrapped chest design, etc., as well as bold backless design, only a little article on the neck, bold backless dress often reveal the entire back line, make you not beautiful and difficult.
????Note when choosing: short dress wedding dress has a higher requirement for the bride's legs, so be careful when choosing your own size. Trying to choose the dresses with the most beautiful colors and decorations will show the cuteness and beauty of the bride perfectly. When wearing, pay attention to: When seating, pay attention to the skirt do not be picked up, but can not run out, otherwise it will not be beautiful.

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choose private custom models

Wedding Dream wedding, only 2% of people will choose private custom models

Everyone imagines that the day of marriage becomes the most beautiful princess. A wedding dress is a weapon that casts a dream. Every time you pass through a bridal store, you always look inwards and you look at the small window. happy! In the dream, we are the shy bride, happy bloom. Let's round this dream together with wedding dress designer Wu Yan, from happy girl to happy woman, at that most beautiful moment.
Every girl should wear her own wedding dress, instead of simply buying a wedding dress without a sense of design. Every girl should have a wedding dress that suits her. Each person's wedding dress is different. Many brides will encounter this kind of problem when preparing their own wedding - is to choose a hundred yuan wedding or spend ten thousand yuan to buy a haute couture wedding? Such a problem is difficult to say, but when it comes to making choices, it is always difficult to make people feel relieved. Both want to save more money for future life, but also reluctant to wronged a woman's happiness dreams sketched since childhood, private custom wedding dress costs more expensive than the rental, cheaper than the international big-name, conditions allow private customization should be a Belong to their own dream wedding dress, royal wedding custom private custom models only about 3,000.
Royal wedding custom tells you why you want to do a private custom wedding dress? Through a wedding dress to make individual temperament becomes stronger, if a wedding dress is very large in size, the design is very luxurious and luxurious, but can not see the bride's own gas field is useless, especially for the Asian features and body, more Not suitable to challenge the kind of domineering Queen Fan children's wedding dress, too gorgeous wedding dress is not able to wear a strong gas field. Or should be designed for each person's different temperament to truly suit their own wedding. “A fantastic wedding dress, an extremely romantic wedding, holding you in love, entering the auditorium and promising a lifetime.” This is probably the most beautiful and happiest thing girls feel. Maybe at the moment, like me, from childhood to childhood, I imagined the wedding dress that I belonged to, so I couldn't resist the beautiful wedding dress.
Choose a wedding dress for the simple design sense, you can also become a "suitable for travel wedding", you can easily take a honeymoon or travel, if it is only practical to wear the ceremony the same day, it is also a girl hope that the wedding can accompany two loving People travel around the world to make this wedding dress more memorable and make her become a talking wedding dress. You will feel that it's not the same everywhere you go. Whenever you put on her, you can get back the original feeling of love. It is said that a woman is the most beautiful time of her life on her wedding day.

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Fashion Week Show

Gore designer wowed by Fashion Week Show

Gore fashion designer Luke Dawson is looking forward to returning home to start creating more clothing after a whirlwind few days showing his label at New Zealand Fashion Week.

"I'm pretty bloody knackered but it's been awesome. I've been like a lost fly in a big city.

"I dropped the girlfriend off at the airport yesterday to come back to Gore and to be honest I could have got on the plane with her."

Luke Dawson's collection, called The Boy From Goreville, was on the runway at the New Generation show on the catwalk at the Viaduct Basin in Auckland on Tuesday.

The line features a comic strip drawn by him after he merged his interest in fashion design with his skills in 3D animation.

"It was pretty intimidating putting it out there to start with to be honest but the models looked awesome and it went really well.

"I've had some awesome feedback and made some cool connections. The boys from Federation have been looking after me."

Dawson was spending Thursday at a trade show where he hoped to make more fashion industry connections and meet retailers.

"I've had some people say they're keen to stock my stuff in their stores so that's pretty awesome."

Showing his collection at Fashion Week had been a steep learning curve.

"It's been a really big step up.

"It's made me realise that if I want to get on with it I just have to get stuck in and I'm pretty keen to do that now."

He's keen to return next year to hold his own show

He won't be giving up his day job just yet though - Dawson works on the slaughterboard at Silver Fern Farm's Waitane plant.

"In saying that I'll be back at work next week to get a bit of ribbing from the boys at work."

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white T-shirt

My quest for the perfect plain white T-shirt

I enjoy, as a genre, any interview that accompanies the launch of a new clothing line – it is an admirable world of aggrandised nonsense. Take super-stylist Karla Welch, who has just collaborated on a collection with Justin Bieber.

This new range? Seven plain white T-shirts. In fact, supermarket-bought T-shirts “reimagined” (cut up and put back together) to best suit the star’s taste. And pray, what’s wrong with a normal white T-shirt? According to Bieber, the T-shirt he wanted “literally didn’t exist in the marketplace”.

Now I love a tee more than the next person, and arguably more than Bieber. My favourite is from Cos. Soft, firm, it hangs beautifully, and unlike thinner tees, your man boobs and beer belly don’t poke through. In fact through some dark magic they somehow make you look skinnier. And at £12 a pop, you can’t go too wrong. But the idea that a T-shirt could, to paraphrase Bieber, “push boundaries”? Maybe my commitment to Cos was stopping me from charting new territory.

This might all sound a little overblown, but this item is fairly fundamental to a man’s wardrobe: “I guess because it’s versatile, anyone can wear a white T-shirt and not be judged,” says Elgar Johnson, the fashion director at GQ Style.

There is no such thing as a plain white T-shirt. Tiny, almost imperceptible differences between them can be life-changing. It’s also the last of the great men’s staples. So many of the sacred cows of trendy menswear have been slaughtered in recent years: skinny jeans, beanie hats, bright macs, bomber jackets, hi-top trainers – all unavoidable a few years ago, now tacky and uncool. Yet the white T-shirt prevails.

They work because while white is a statement colour – if you went to a party wearing a bright white outfit, you are basically saying: “Look at me, I have arrived and I am very good at not spilling drinks on myself.” – a plain T-shirt is a deeply innocuous piece of clothing. So it lets you be both nonchalant and exceptional: the perfect crime.

To realise its power, simply think of its sworn enemy, the navy T-shirt. Imagine a man in a navy T-shirt and navy jeans: his favourite band is Kings of Leon; he hasn’t told his wife he loves her in six months; he has given up on life. You try to know more about him but you cannot, because he is already fading from view, disappearing into his own stock photo existence.

By contrast, the white T-shirt is essential not just for the summer hipster, but suits the tattooed punk, the dad that dates, the stylish hip-hop head: it is the very pinnacle of versatility, available on every high street. It is also democratic. “They look good on men and women, pop stars, royalty and builders – whoever,” says Elgar Johnson.

With that versatility and flexibility in mind, I went in search of the perfect white tee, trying a different one each day of the week.

I start my week with a Sunspel short-sleeved crew neck in white. Sunspel is an upmarket brand with a heritage, the sort of place people go to treat themselves to a pair of expensive boxers when they get a promotion. A few friends tell me their T-shirts are the best out there. At £65 a go, they really should be. The top is unbelievably soft and I feel richer as soon as I put it on. It definitely would be perfect with an overshirt or suit jacket, but it feels too much like a posh undershirt to wear on its own.

The quality of the Sunspel is all the more noticeable when I try the offering from Arket, a kind of upmarket knicknacks and basics store from the people behind H&M, which has just launched in London. Their tee is thin and scratchy, and see-through, so every hair on my chest is visible. It is so uncomfortable I have to take it off after five minutes and go back to a Cos classic.

On Wednesday, I go by the maxim that anyone who only sells one thing must be bloody good at it, and opt for online specialists The White T-shirt Company. In Bieberesque fashion, it claims to have “started with a simple goal – to design and make the perfect white T-shirt. A wardrobe classic made without compromise to quality, style or ethics.” It’s a soft, thick shirt that hangs nicely, but the look is a bit too basic, like a 1970s gym kit.

I give David Gandy’s M&S white tee a go next. It is the least flattering of the bunch, a sort of half-hearted V-neck, with a hospital-gown fit. But its softness almost makes me cry. This is the perfect bed shirt, as long no one can see you.

There is not an outfit that doesn’t work with a white tee: suits, jackets, pyjamas ... But the classic is just on its own, with blue or black jeans, harking back to the man that made them so popular: James Dean. His simple, untailored white T-shirt worn in Rebel Without a Cause led to soaring sales in the US, particularly at JC Penney, where it was rumoured Dean’s T-shirt came from.

The winner in my test comes at the end of the week from Swedish basics online store Asket. Unlike the other tees, they have offerings in five sizes and three lengths. I opt for the large-long tee and it’s perfect: thicker than the others but still quite soft, with that right James Dean-y look that means you can wear it on its own.

Supermarket and discount T-shirts still remain some of the best available; the Bieber shirts are going to be XL Hanes T-shirts taken apart and stitched back together to make them longer – you can buy a seven-pack of them for about a tenner. I have a bunch of the Hanes ones at home and I can see the appeal: the cotton feels workmanlike, almost industrial. But it is a good thing they are cheap, as you get through them quicker than dishcloths – it takes just a drip of moussaka or a wash warmer than a baby’s bath water and they’re ruined for ever. Stains expand as they reach them, like oil on water.

If you are rolling your eyes at this point, I know, they are just bloody plain T-shirts. But let me just say that at the end of the week, I did a blind feel test with five new tees, a Cos classic and my long-suffering girlfriend. She correctly recognised every one straight away. When she got to the Arket one, she said “eugh!” and threw it across the room.

Besides, there is still a level above that I haven’t reached – the designer white tee. Kanye West made a white tee with APC that cost $120 (about £90); Rick Owens, the US furniture and clothes designer, has one out this season for £179. Really though, those shirts already fail, because a white T-shirt cannot be kept for life: imagine shelling $430 for a Gucci washed cotton tee (a real thing), only to dribble down juice from a lamb shish, ruining it for ever. That’s the thing about a white T-shirt, they are transient. If you’re as dribbly as me, you have to buy one a month, so you might as well get it right.

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a Re/Done Denim Collaboration

Cindy Crawford’s #TBT Inspired a Re/Done Denim Collaboration

It’s widely understood that Kaia Gerber, the gorgeous offspring of Cindy Crawford, is following in her mother’s picture perfect footsteps. See, for example, her gig as the face of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.

But now, it looks as if Crawford is drawing inspiration from her daughter. Let us explain.

Gerber, who happens to be a cool teen on the scene in L.A., is often photographed wearing reworked Levi’s jeans from denim brand of the moment, Re/Done. There was the cropped and flared pair she wore to the Tommy Hilfiger show on the West Coast this past February, and again, just a few days later in New York. The brand’s cut-off shorts have become part of her summer uniform, particularly a cuffed true blue pair she’s been wearing around Malibu.

So it seems Crawford was inspired by her progeny, as she is partnering up with Re/Done on a capsule of jeans. Aptly titled The Crawford, the three-piece range includes a re-worked pair of Levi’s 501 Original jeans in a throwback faded blue hue, a t-shirt with a nod to her famous mole and a black sweatshirt with her airbrushed portrait on the back. The jeans, which are mid-rise and slightly skinny, were inspired by a pair that Crawford wore in the ’90s and loved so much she never gave them away. The fit of the pants has been modernized for 2017, so these jeans are guaranteed to be both flattering and vintage.

But how did this range really come to be? Well, it all started with Crawford’s Instagram post (as most things do these days), which was a throwback of the model in a pair of Levis. In the caption, she wrote “Workin’ that @shopredone look before @shopredone was even born!” Touché!

The brand’s co-founder, Sean Barron, did give the model credit, admitting: “She popularized the look that is the core of the brand.” So turns out that Gerber, yet again, is simply taking style notes from her mother.

To celebrate the launch of these new Re/Done designs, Crawford has taken over the brand’s Instagram Stories. The denim line is taking the Instagram focus one step further, by offering 20 limited pieces from the collection, which can only be shopped by swiping through Stories. In addition to Instagram, the collection, which deserves the title of the sexiest mom jeans on the market, can also be scooped up at Barneys, Colette, Ron Herman Japan and on Re/Done’s website.

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Ivanka Trump

The 35-year-old daughter of US President Trump smiled for the cameras as she was photographed walking down the steps from her home and heading to work.

She swapped the strong black and red military look she wore yesterday for a pale blue number.

The dress today showed off Ivanka’s curves, as it was fitted at the top and cinched in at the waist, but its floaty skirt gave the First Daughter some free movement to combat the summer heat.

Small pearls were sewn around the sleeves of the dress, and she accessorised with pearl earrings, a light grey handbag and nude-coloured stilettos.

Ivanka Trump

Images: dusty pink bridesmaid dress

Ivanka completed the look by wearing her hair down in waves, a smoky eye and plenty of bronzer.

Her look was much different to the one she wore yesterday, when she was again pictured leaving her Washington home.

Ivanka glammed up her make-up routine, ditching her usual nude-coloured lip for a luscious red shade.

She wore a sleeveless military-inspired dress by Altuzarra, a pair of black heeled sandals which laced up to her calves, and a $395 handbag from her eponymous collection.

Ivanka completed the seductive look with some pillar box red lipstick and a pin of the American flag on one of the lapels on her dress.

The mother-of-three wore her blonde hair straight and down and accessorised the outfit with a simple gold bracelet on her left wrist.

Ivanka spent time with friends and family this weekend as she had some time off from her White House duties.

On Saturday, she was pictured with husband Jared Kushner, 36, on a romantic walk through Washington.

The pair held hands as they strolled along the pavement, laughing and joking with one another.

Ivanka tenderly put her hand on Jared's chest as she laughed while waiting for the lights to change so she could cross the road.

It's believed the pair were heading to Steven Mnunchin's wedding. The United States Secretary of the Treasury is worth $300m and married Louise Linton in a lavish affair on Saturday.

Ivanka was pictured on the street in a casual white vest top and a stunning yellow skirt.

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Joy Anna Duggar

The wedding of Joy-Anna Duggar to her husband, Austin Forsyth, will be featured on the Duggar family's reality TV series, "Counting On," in a special on TLC Monday.

"I don't even know all of how it feels to be husband and wife — so far it's incredible," Joy-Anna told TLC after the wedding. "Saying our vows and saying 'I do' and committing our lives to each other is so incredible. I'm so blessed to be married to him."

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The young couple shared their nuptials in a private ceremony on May 26 in Arkansas. "I'm just looking forward to getting to share my life — it's good times and its challenges — with my best friend," Forsyth said about Joy-Anna.

The bride's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, also shared their excitement for the newlyweds.

"As parents, we could not be more grateful for the godly woman Joy has become, and the loving husband she married!" Jim Bob and Michelle wrote in a blog post on the family's website.

Forsyth was a longtime family friend of the Duggar's before he proposed to Joy-Anna in March. He took the Duggar sister horseback riding and then got down on one knee to pop the question. According to In Touch magazine, the two originally set their wedding date for Oct. 28 but they couldn't wait to tie the knot.

Their May wedding date surfaced after Duggar Family News revealed they were planning to move the wedding date up by five months.

The Forsyths are now talking about adding to the Duggar clan by starting a family of their own.

"We love kids and we're excited to have a family. We're just going to see what the Lord does. We want as many as the Lord thinks we can handle and we are putting it into his hands," the couple told People magazine.

The wedding special will air at 9 p.m. ET June 12 on the TLC network. Click here to see the wedding photos.

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Chic in blue

Dubbed the UK’s covert 'Brexit Ambassador', it was only fitting that the Duchess of Cambridge should turn to a home-grown designer for her day visit to Luxembourg today, ensuring that she subliminally represented the UK in every way possible.

Debuting a new, sky blue coat dress by Emilia Wickstead - the Britain-based, New Zealand-born, designer who has shown on the London Fashion Week schedule since 2008 - Kate arrived in the city on Thursday lunchtime to begin a day full of events, starting with a visit to the Musze d'Art Moderne art gallery, accompanied by Princess Stéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

The Duchess of Cambridge in Luxembourg today

Images: http://www.sheindressau.com/strapless-wedding-dresses-au

Today’s wrap coat is a bespoke piece, riffing on the colour palette used for the designer’s upcoming autumn collection, and offers a simple fit-and-flare silhouette that flatters the Duchess’s waist.

She teamed the coat with her staple L.K. Bennett court shoes, a classic beige clutch bag and a matching new pair of £3,500 blue topaz and diamond earrings by Kiki McDonough.

The outfit was the Duchess's latest well-pitched choice following her Paris trip in March, when she embraced her host nation’s labels and wore a classic Chanel boucle dress. Wickstead has become a firm favourite in the Duchess’s fashion repertoire, thanks to her elegant yet modern crepe dresses and specialty dress coats - a core piece in Kate’s wardrobe for day events. Kate has previously worn her designs to several of the Queen’s garden parties, acknowledging the designer’s forte in producing perfect spring occasionwear options.

The designer’s name is also a popular punt for those trying to guess who will design the Duchess’s sister, Pippa Middleton’s, wedding dresslater this month, and coincidentally, she has just launched her first bridal collection as an expansion to her ready-to-wear offering.

“They are made to be worn and then looked at 35 years down the line and still make you think ‘That was beautiful,’" Wickstead told us of her design principles.

"I think sometimes [tradition and classic style has] been a little bit lost in today’s world of bridal so it was important to me to bring this old world back with this collection and to keep ticking that box.”

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Met Gala Gowns

What happens to Met Gala dresses after the pomp, circumstance, and those best and worst dressed lists? While many of the pieces go back to the designers' archives — many are one-of-a-kind couture, after all — but according to Katie Holmes, some of those dresses are awaiting a pretty sweet fate. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Holmes says that she's actually had the honor of keeping a few of her Met Gala looks and that she's keeping them safe for her daughter, Siri.

"I have a few of [my Met Gala dresses for Suri]," Holmes told Entertainment Tonight. "And a lot of them have gone back to the museums where they were."

Source: http://www.sheindressau.com/grey-bridesmaid-dresses

It looks like 11-year-old Siri has plenty to look forward to when she decides to slip into her mom's spectacular wardrobe. This year, Holmes accompanied designer Zac Posen and wore an intricately ruffled off-the-shoulder gown with a flowing fit-and-flare hem.

"This was the only one I tried on. I love this dress because of the care that is taken into create something like this," Holmes said of the dress. "Every ruffle is its own pattern, and there's so much thought and detail in it. It's really an honor to wear it."

Holmes wore a Posen gown last year, too. Though it was a little less voluminous, the look included heavy beading and a delicate floral pattern at the hem. And in a sort of fashion hat trick, Holmes also wore Zac Posen to the 2015 Met Gala. The actor didn't explain which gowns she saved for her daughter (she's worn Marchesa and Calvin Klein creations to the event, as well), but it looks like little Siri could have plenty of options to choose from when starts hitting the red carpet circuit.

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Kim Kardashian

#Kim Kardashian, 36, disappointed her followers with the dress she wore at #Met Gala as it was extremely simple. Fashion critics say the dress is more suited for a sunset on the beach than for an event as important as the MET Gala. The gown was designed by Vivienne Westwood, 76, a British artist who stands out for creating avant-garde design dresses, much better than the one she made for the socialite. Kim's dress, white and tight, had nothing to do with the amazing style to which the reality superstar has accustomed us.

Many began to wonder why the celebrity used a style so different to the one she usually flaunts and many believe it is due to the changes that Kim applied in her personal life.

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Kim's life changed a lot after she suffered a violent robbery in Paris last year. From that moment, she began to give more importance to family and less to material goods. The white dress reflects the simplicity Kim prefers for her life these days. In fact, she didn't wear jewelry this important MET Gala event. In a recent interview she gave at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the reality superstar confessed that she is now less materialistic than before, "thanks" to the robbery she suffered in France. Although she thinks it is right to want to have certain material goods and to work hard for them, she no longer believes that is the most important thing in life..

What happened to Kanye West?

For the first time, Kim attended the MET Gala alone and everyone wanted to know why her husband, #Kanye West, 39, was absent at such an important party. The truth is that the music mogul stayed at home, taking care of their children North, 3, and Saint, 1. The decision was taken by him as he wanted to spend more time with them. In addition, the rapper wants to avoid situations of high exposure as they are not good for his mental health. In November of last year, West suffered a temporary psychotic outbreak due to stress and sleep deprivation.

The doctors recommended he work less and rest more. West is a workaholic man, so it was impossible for him to follow that advice. He continued to create music and design clothing for Adidas. In addition, he added a new activity to his daily life: he is designing jewels for Jacob & Co. The collection consists of twelve pieces of rings and necklaces. Kim is his greatest inspiration when it comes to creating jewelry. The socialite is proud of him and loves all his creations.

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Fashion Trends

A dress to die for? Marlene Dietrich would have literally gone to great lengths just for the show.

In a recently resurfaced 1958 correspondence to costume designer Jean Louis, Dietrich reveals herself as quite a fashion tech pioneer: “…My main reason is the effect. We have to find a way to have the dress glow,” she demanded.

A meticulous show orchestrator, Dietrich caused stirs when she first stepped out in her Fifties Las Vegas cabarets in a seemingly “naked dress” — the very one that would inspire Marilyn Monroe’s for John F. Kennedy’s birthday in 1962.

Marlene Dietrich’s vision of the glowing naked dress produced by ElektroCouture.

Images: Coral bridesmaid dresses

But Dietrich wanted more than just the illusion of nakedness: “Marlene wanted a fashion tech dress. But she was ahead of her time and the technical means couldn’t meet her vision. In the letters, she describes the exact design and displays very precise knowledge of electricity circuits and batteries. She wanted a dress that glows, she wanted to be able to control it herself from the stage and she knew she could have died of an electric stroke had it ever been realized,” said Lisa Lang, founder and chief executive director of ElektroCouture, a fashion tech start-up with a growing roster of international fashion clients.

On the 25th anniversary of her death, the company produced her vision of the glowing naked dress for French-German broadcaster Arte’s documentary “Das letzte Kleid der Marlene Dietrich” (“The Last Dress of Marlene Dietrich”), airing on May 7. Based on sketches of Jean Louis and Dietrich’s descriptions, the design by ElektroCouture’s designer-in-residence Anja Dragan features 3-D-printed flower embroidery and glowing crystals with LEDs made in collaboration with Swarovski. An additional capsule collection of glowing accessories and looks inspired by Marlene Dietrich will be launched by ElektroCouture in late spring.

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Wedding Shoot

Often the phrase, “less is more” is attributed to wedding styling, but for this shoot, they went the opposite way with a “more is more” attitude! And we are definitely loving it!

The choice for this shoot is very evident in the luxurious haute couture feel to the dresses the models are wearing, shying away from the traditional white or ivory dresses and adorning them in rich colors and sumptuous fabrics. Lush!

Read more: http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-melbourne-au

The inspiration behind this shoot was founded on an Edgar Allan Poe poem –the Annabel Lee, in particular, where the lines “we loved with a love that was more than a love” was cited. The dark and romantic nature of this poem was woven through the shoot with deep reds, elegant blacks, and opulent golden touches.

The Hedsor House was a natural choice for the venue with its iconic looming stature and its luxurious interiors.

This wedding style would suit a stately home or grand hotel and it exudes high-end luxury and extravagant details and with such a rich color palette this would be ideal for a winter wedding.

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Wedding Showcase

Monte Durham, co-host and fashion director of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta,” will be the featured guest at the first annual Alexandria Wedding Showcase Feb. 19 at The Westin Alexandria.

#A career bridal image consultant, Durham is well known in Alexandria, where he resides and celebrated his own wedding in 2013. He will host a VIP reception and participate in the showcase.

#“We are really excited about the inaugural Wedding Showcase,” said Lorraine Lloyd of Visit Alexandria. “The quality of our vendors along with our program sets this apart from typical wedding showcases.”

Alexandria Wedding Showcase attendees will be eligible to win prizes, including the opportunity to display the Virginia Is For Lovers “LOVE” letters at their own wedding.

#More than 50 local vendors will participate in the showcase, which will also serve as a benefit for Brides Across America, a nonprofit that provides weddings and wedding gowns to military and first responder couples nationwide.

#“With Monte’s help, 10 brides chosen by Brides Across America will select their gowns at the showcase,” said Visit Alexandria’s Megan Hosford, a member of the Wedding Showcase committee. “The gowns have been donated by Brides Across America and Global Bridal Gallery, an Alexandria wedding dress boutique. And $2 from each ticket sold to the Wedding Showcase will be donated to Brides Across America.”

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#Hosford, who has a background in wedding planning, said the idea for a showcase began a year ago.

#“Alexandria is a premier destination for weddings,” Hosford said. “We wanted to engage the many wedding vendors with the goal of creating a great wedding community.”

#Showcase committee members include Blackwall Hitch, Eat Good Food Group, Global Bridal Gallery, Modern Bridal Studio, Potomac River Boat Company, The Westin Alexandria and Visit Alexandria.

#“This really is a community effort,” Lloyd added. “Sponsors of the showcase include Engaged! Magazine, The Westin Alexandria, Kimpton Lorien Hotel & Spa, and Visit Alexandria. And we couldn’t have done it without the support of the Alexandria Marketing Fund.”

#Featured vendors will include bakeries, boutiques and caterers; dress and tuxedo boutiques; entertainment and music providers; florists; photographers; salons and spas; transportation and other service providers; and hotels and other venues.

#Local celebrity chef Cathal Armstrong will discuss selecting the perfect wedding menu and mixologists from Blackwall Hitch and PX will present a demonstration on seasonal cocktails.

#Showcase attendees who purchase tickets before Feb. 12 will be entered in a drawing to attend a VIP champagne reception with Durham. All attendees will be entered to win multiple other wedding-related prizes, including the opportunity to display the Virginia Is For Lovers “LOVE” letters at their own wedding.

#The Alexandria Wedding Showcase will be held Feb. 19 at the Westin Alexandria Hotel, 400 Courthouse Square, from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. Advance tickets can be purchased online for $15 each or $20 per couple or $25 per person the day of the event.

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wedding dress

A stroll down Grand Junction, Colorado's Main Street turned into an emotional reunion for Jane Fine Foster when she saw a photo she'd been missing for more than a decade.

"To say I was shocked, stunned, near paralyzed is an understatement. I actually screamed out loud," she said.

Nestled in the window of A Robin's Nest Antique shop was a photo of Jane's mother in her lace wedding dresses.

"I just kept blinking and looking again, thinking 'Can that be? Of course it can be, it is my mom,'" Jane recalled.

The photo had been missing ever since it was auctioned off, when the family forgot to make a payment on a storage locker 12 years ago.

"I walked into the Robin's Nest and grabbed her picture and held it tight to me," said Jane.

What Jane didn't know is that this store had one more surprise.

"We had the lady's wedding dress. The same bridesmaid dresses online that was in the picture," said co-owner Shane Allerheiligen.

Allerheiligen brought the dress up from the shop's basement. It was wrapped in the original box and newspaper dated June 22,1948, just two day after Jane's mother was married.

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