Congo Fashion Week

Despite the ongoing political standoff between the government and the opposition, hundreds of Congolese people spared some time to attend the sixth edition of Congo Fashion Week held at Pullman Grand Hotel in the DR Congo’s capital Kinshasa last week.

The event, which took place from 11 to 14 October, is a platform designed to celebrate Congolese fashion designers by showcasing their creative talent to both local and international audiences.

Last week’s four-day event brought together fifteen Congolese fashion designers,including the popular fashion creator Zoe Eleng’Art, who got a rare opportunity to sell their fashion ideas and items to the rest of the world.

From renowned designers to upcoming stylists, the event was a perfect rendezvous for Congolese fashion artists.

The event featured an array of electrifying activities, including runway shows and exhibitions by local stylists.

Taking Congolese Fashion Global

Through the different catwalk shows, exhibitions and fashion talks, the annual event offers an ideal opportunity for the public, the media and retailers to discover the amazing fashion designs and trends in Congo and the African industry in general.

CFW event, which was founded by a Congolese Media consultant Marie-France Idikayi in 2011, helps to promote the unique Congolese fashion while giving the emerging and already established designers access to both local and international markets.

It’s a fairly new concept in the Democratic Republic of Congo born out of the desire to expose the country’s fashion to the world. As the fashion industry continues to grow, Idikayi hopes to use the annual fashion event to put Congo on the map.

She says the event is intended to not just showcase fashion items on the runway, but to also enable Congo achieve its dream of becoming a regional fashion hub.

CFW also plans to begin hosting fashion events with international stylists, media and buyers. These shows will include show room expos, allowing designers to display their work beside the traditional catwalk shows.

This, they hope, will offer an opportunity for professional exchanges between local and internationally-acclaimed fashionistas while creating a direct link between designers and buyers.Read more at:tea length wedding dresses | casual wedding dresses


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Tying the Knot, Island Style

Tying the knot with a seaside theme is a popular option for many couples. Galveston offers many venues for such a dream wedding – island style. Why not get married barefoot on the sand in a beach park, or surrounded by grapevines within a vineyard? Or you can repeat marriage vows on the front lawn of the seaside Hotel Galvez, in the Tremont House Ballroom or even amidst train cars in the Railroad Museum. Galveston has both classic and unique island spots to say, “I do.”Tremont House Hotel

Located within The Strand District, this swank and upscale hotel has eight venues with over 15,700 square feet of space that can fit up to 800 guests. The hotel is conveniently located near many restaurants, galleries and shops. Nighttime views of Galveston from the hotel’s Rooftop Bar are like no other. Hotel Galvez and Spa

Tie the knot with sweeping views of the Gulf of Mexico in the hotel’s Oleander Garden and Centennial Green. The imposing façade of this century-old hotel surrounded by palm trees and leafy gardens offers a romantic backdrop. Take the party indoors to the wide-windowed Veranda setting and Terrace Ballroom. Moody Gardens Hotel

Get married with a grand view of the Gulf at Moody Gardens’ Rooftop Terrace, Palm Beach or the Botanical Gardens with views of the Gulf. Inside reception facilities range from suites to a grand ballroom. Galveston Railroad Museum

The museum’s train depot exhibit, locomotives and passenger cars serve as backdrops for weddings and other events. Dining cars that once chugged along tracks nationwide are still used for events and galas serving up to 64 guests.Galveston Beach Parks

Talk about a seaside wedding. While small ceremonies without chairs or other setups can be held on public beaches, larger events must be prearranged. Two areas designated by the Galveston Park Board for weddings and private parties can be rented – one at Stewart Beach and the other at East Beach. Permits are required for music; no problem, however, with the beachside views.The Lasker Inn

A bed and breakfast with porches on two levels, this central island inn has intimate inside reception rooms and a rooftop viewing platform. Ideal for smaller events. Sea Star Base

With maritime sailing, educational and leadership programs, this waterside venue also has space for events and weddings. Facilities include an outdoor waterfront chapel/amphitheater, suites, and a dining and banquet hall. Haak Winery

Just across the Causeway in Santa Fe, this is the ideal spot to tie the knot surrounded by grapevines. Five acres of vineyards grow within a 12-acre estate with an outdoor chapel and reception pavilion that’s just perfect for the occasion.Read more at:tea length wedding dresses | SheinDressAU


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What Is It How to Host One

Your rehearsal dinner marks a few important wedding milestones all at once: a successful wedding rehearsal, the coming together of two families, and the first opportunity for your bridal party and your closest family members to start celebrating your impending marriage in the same space. This can be a tricky event, though: out-of-town guests might be arriving on late flights and need to time to freshen up, and others might have had a long day of travel and need to retire early.

A traditional rehearsal dinner held in a single venue for a standard amount of time doesn't take into account the individual challenges of meeting up with everyone the night before the nuptials. So, let us introduce the progressive rehearsal dinner: a flexible, moving event where each section (cocktails, dinner, dessert) happens at a different location, letting friends and family decide which parts they can attend.

When Gail Johnson's namesake wedding and events company was tasked with planning a progressive rehearsal dinner, she was excited to find a new way for families to come together. "Some people haven’t even met before the rehearsal," she says. "A progressive dinner gives people a chance to meet both sides of the family. It’s always kind of nice for everybody to be familiar with each other and have already met before walking down the aisle."

One of Johnson's most important suggestions is that couples hire a planner or coordinator if they opt for a progressive rehearsal dinner. Between food, drink, and venue negotiating, it's best to have one person focused on the details while everyone else focuses on enjoying the night. "You have to be really focused to do this," she says. "You need some help to pull it all together."

If you can't think of where to host an event like this, remember that a nontraditional layout calls for nontraditional venues, too. "Have fun with it," Johnson suggests. "If you have a favorite dessert place, this is the time to incorporate all the things that you love that you may not be able to include in the wedding."

For couples having the wedding in their hometown or where family lives, ask parents or other close family to host part of the event. For example, attendees can stop by the bride's parents'house for cocktails—an informal start to the evening will make it truly optional for those who need to check-in at their hotels or settle in after a long flight. Then, move the party to a restaurant for the dinner. Stress on your invitations that this will be the main portion of the evening in order to maximize your chances for everyone to attend. Round out the night with dessert or after-dinner drinks at a local favorite. Or head to the host hotel on the last stop, so your guests can filter in and out as needed.

Johnson cautions, though, that a progressive rehearsal dinner is "not for everybody, so it would have to be thought out. It’s not a one size fits all." Before you make this decision, think about your budget and expectations for the night before your wedding.

If you choose to do a progressive dinner, all of the necessary wrangling and coordinating will be worth it in the end. Breaking the big event into smaller sections makes it more accessible to more of the VIPs you want to share your night with. And if you, your spouse-to-be, and the in-laws have been struggling with who will host the dinner and where, you can please more people if you create more opportunities for input. Most importantly, everyone in attendance will get a chance to see more of the place where you've chosen to tie the knot, and you'll have lots of fun, food, and conversation along the way!Read more at:wedding dresses adelaide | wedding dresses australia


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