As good as it may sound, sometimes these non-stop purchases require us to hop around the entire city looking for the perfect piece. With excess traffic on the roads and unavailability of a well-rounded collection, we do tend to get frustrated often.

Here's where Aarong, the renowned fashion store of Bangladesh, comes in with their exclusive wedding collection to simplify our lives.

Yes! Aarong has it all and that too for everybody. A strict patron of deshi fabrics and produce, Aarong has been a renowned name in the fashion market of Bangladesh for quite a long time. Every year during special occasions customers flock this particular brand store in search for something different but close to their hearts and motherland. Foreigners also love visiting the Aarong stores, in search of little treasures that define 'Beautiful Bangladesh'.

The Exclusive Jamdani Collection for Wedding 2017

An addition to Aarong's accolades is the latest wedding collection in Jamdani. Speaking to the creative minds behind the exclusive collection, Star Lifestyle was able to get much insightful information.

Jamdani has always been a part of our heritage wear, so most might wonder regarding the exclusivity behind Aarong's latest collection.

“It is simply different, the weave count is high. The material is very soft and the zardozi work is simply amazing,” reveals one designer.

Upon inspection we discovered that the Jamdani collection included truly exquisite pieces; with matching blouses and dupattas, they looked unique and were poles apart from what is regularly available.

What particularly caught the eye were the unique motifs and the intelligent symmetry and placement of the patterns. Speaking to one designer, we were able to gather that the traditional motifs used over the exclusive Jamdani collection were hand-picked from Aarong's archive of rare ethnic motifs and took a minimum of 2 months to weave by the artisan weavers. The materials were super fine, soft and luxurious zari had been used – signifying an authentic look that brides are usually looking for.

The marketing team at Aarong believes that people don't want to buy common wedding wear anymore, the all-too-familiar look that overpowers the bride and her personality. With, this exclusive collection, they believe the deshi bride's personality would be enhanced, making her stand out amongst the crowd.

Other Wedding Collections at Aarong

While the wedding collection has been developed in fiery combinations of maroon, red and orange; the reception collection sports a playful experimentation with magenta. The suggested jewellery for the elite collections are also unique; apparently entirely in silver. The principle idea behind the unique suggestion is to encourage consumers towards silver ornaments as a trendy alternative to traditional gold – providing them with a whole new different outlook.

Aarong also has an exclusive gold collection and gold plated collection to match with the fashionable saris.

The Holud Collection

The holud collection showcases amazing colours like orange, magenta, parrot green etc to signify the colourfulness of the occasion. Matching dupatta and blouse are available for the brides; they can also opt for contrast blouses if they want a different look altogether. Suggested jewellery to go with the designs are pearls, gold-plated jewellery in unique craftsmanship.

Wedding Collection for the guests

Well! Not everybody is getting married themselves, there are a lot more who are worried about what to wear at their close-ones' ceremony and Aarong comes forward in solving their problems as well; offering classic Jamdanis in regal tones like pastels and off-white.

An entire collection has been developed in blue-purple theme in muslin and silk to meet the styling needs of the guests; that too in a mighty affordable range. That's not all, being a conclusive outlet; Aarong provides everything from matching bags, shoes and sandals – their metallic Kolapuri designs being an eye-catcher.

Men's Wedding Collection

The Men's sherwani have been developed to meet with the styling statement of their lady love; colours have been kept in mild tones, in contrast to the ladies; for e.g. if the bride picks a magenta Jamdani for her reception, the groom can easily opt for a teal sherwani and fashionable nagra to re-create the picture-perfect look.

Special kotis in natural silk are available for occasions like holud. Both light and detailed embroidery are available on the sherwani's based on the preference of the groom; uniformity has been maintained in the quality of the fabric used, which is comfortable and relaxed.

So, that's just a bird's eye view of the special wedding collection at Aarong. We are sure most of you would want to visit the stores once to look through the exclusive collection.

If everything gorgeous is available at once place – then why not?

Happy Wedding Shopping to you all!Read more at:short wedding dresses | vintage wedding dresses


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Anushka was always by my side

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s love story first began when they met on the sets of a commercial they had been shooting together. Soon after that, rumors of the special bond between the Bollywood beauty and the Indian cricket champion began doing the rounds.

Now, a couple of years down the line, both Anushka and Virat still remain mostly tight-lipped about their relationship. In fact, the "Sultan" actor actually makes it a point to evade all Virat-related questions thrown her way.

But this time, in a first, the cricketer has opened about his lady love and how much she has helped him in life.

During a recent episode of "Breakfast With Champions" hosted by Gaurav Kapur, the cricketer dished out on how his famous girlfriend has made him become a better person.

”I’ve got to thank my lady luck. You’ve known me since before; you know I did not have any sense then. Ever since ‘a lady’ has come into my life, she has taught me a lot of things,” said Virat. I’ve learnt a lot in the past four years. I have become more sensible. She has taught me how to be patient. Also, how to utilise potential to the fullest at whatever point you are in your life. The flip in my attitude has been because of her.”

She has not only stood by her beau but also reached new heights in her own career at the same time. If the recent commerical where Virat and Anushka are seen exchanging new-age wedding vows is anything to go by, fans hope the couple gets to do something similar soon, off-screen too!Read more at:wedding dresses perth | wedding dresses australia


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Pixie Lott's wedding

Speaking to New! magazine, she said: "It's next September and we've been really busy so we need to get round to sorting it out. I'm also really unorganised and currently looking for a house. I'd like to have a big wedding in England, so I can invite all my friends and family, celebrate and have lots of fun."

And it's not just the wedding the 'All About Tonight' hitmaker is busy organising as she's also trying to find a new house so that she's closer to her family in Essex.

She explained: "We live together now, but in a really small flat I've had since I was 18. It's time to get some more space for all my junk!

"My family live in the Essex countryside so I'm looking there."

And a bigger house will come in handy when the couple decide to have a family of their own - although Pixie doesn't want to start trying for a baby until after they've got hitched.

She said: "I've got a really close family so I'd love to have children one day, but at the moment we haven't got round to planning the wedding! We've got to get that done first."

Meanwhile, Pixie is hoping to persuade Danny Jones to sing at her wedding after they hit it off while shooting 'The Voice Kids', in which they were both judges, this year.

She said recently: "I'm hoping he does it, he has said it a couple of times. I was hoping he wasn't just saying that in interviews and won't actually deliver. Make sure you print it. I would love him as the wedding entertainment."Read more at:wedding dresses melbourne | vintage wedding dresses


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