Wedding Photographer

It’s all about the right fit.

Finding the right fit is ultimately the most important aspect of working with a wedding photographer to create beautiful and timeless imagery. The vision you have as a couple for your wedding, the photographer’s philosophy and approach to photography, the chemistry between the two of you and the photographer’s work ethic are all a part of the context of a great fit. For instance, we at Animus-Art have created a wedding experience that embodies camaraderie, storytelling and fine art with editorial influences.

Understand your style.

One of the steps we suggest taking, before searching for local photographers, is to determine your preferred artistic style. Use bridal blogs, Google, and print magazines to look at wedding images to determine which style of wedding photography speaks to you. Are you drawn to light and airy, or dark and moody? Are you a fan of traditionally posed images, or do you prefer a more editorial style? Once you develop a preference, search for local photographers with a similar visual esthetic to yours.

Read, read, read.

Once you identify photographers whose work you love, spend a few minutes on their website reading their “about us” section. Look for inclusive language, learn about their approach and photography style. Eliminate the ones that fail to connect with you.

First impressions are important.

While we all agree that budget is a significant part of the conversation when hiring wedding creatives, and will surely be discussed, understand that some photographers are storytellers, and they connect with the couple on a personal level to create art. Therefore, in your initial email to a wedding photographer, make sure to include a few lines about you and your partner. I get so excited when I open an email and read about a couple. Every couple is unique, and I love that in that moment, as our paths cross, I make a connection no matter where the journey leads.

Meet in person!

I cannot stress the enough the importance of meeting in person. This is when you ask your questions, and see if you can be open and comfortable with your photographers. Similarly, your photographers are getting to know you and your partner as their artistic muse. Tell your story. If there is chemistry, be open about your concerns, your vision and your journey. Not everyone will be a good fit, and that is ok. You will be spending a good chunk of time together with your photographers leading up to your wedding day, and on your wedding day. With our couples, we usually have multiple in person consultations, and on average 2 shoots prior to the wedding day. On wedding day, we are there from morning until the end, documenting their journey. When there is chemistry, it’s magic!Read more at:Pink Bridesmaid Dresses | Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses


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Wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka

A grand mass wedding ceremony for 50 Chinese couples took place in the Sri Lankan capital on Sunday as part of the the government's agenda to promote Sri Lanka as an ideal wedding destination.

The ceremony which was held in the Colombo Municipal Council grounds was attended by Megapolis and Western Development Minister Champika Ranawaka, Tourism Minister John Amaratunga, Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne, Petroleum Minister Arjuna Ranatunga and China's Ambassador to Sri Lanka Yi Xianliang, Xinhua reported.

The event was organised by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, the Ministry of Tourism and the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Ranawaka, speaking at the ceremony, thanked the couples for choosing Sri Lanka as their wedding destination and said both nations have shared strong and historical ties since ancient times.

"Sri Lanka is very proud to be selected as the destination for these couples to celebrate the most important days of their lives," he said.

Ranawaka added that while this event would also promote Sri Lanka's beauty globally, the country itself is undergoing further development with the construction of new hotels and other areas catering especially for tourists.

Amaratunga told Xinhua that this event would help boost Sri Lanka's tourism.

"We hope through this event, many other couples, from other parts of the world, will select Sri Lanka as their wedding destination," he said.

The brides and grooms were dressed in typical Sri Lankan wedding attire, traditional Chinese wedding outfits and gowns and tuxedos.

After the traditional dances, the couples were accompanied into heavily-decorated tents where each couple exchanged rings while a holy thread was also tied on their fingers amidst religious chanting.

Wang Yan, a bride who participated in the mass wedding, said that she had learnt of the event through her friends and she was happy to select Sri Lanka as her wedding destination.

"The people here are very friendly and we have been treated so well. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country," she said.

The couples, on Monday, will be taken on a tour of Yala, Sigiriya and Kandy, which are all popular tourist spots in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has become a popular destination for Chinese tourists with China currently being the second largest market.Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | wedding dresses australia


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New wedding trends

The Shanghai Winter Wedding Expo at the Shanghai World Expo pavilion last weekend showcased new features and trends.

"The China Wedding Expo is the world's largest one-stop wedding shopping platform," says Lin Yan, representative of the 2017 Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International, whose winners walked the ramp at the expo.

The expo provided couples with choices for wedding photography, honeymoon, wedding dresses, banquets, jewelry and other requirements.

Since the wedding expo concept took off in China in 2005, 42 such expos have been held in Beijing, 36 in Shanghai, 24 in Guangzhou, nine in Wuhan and Tianjin, respectively, and one in Hangzhou.

The platform introduces brand shops, designers and celebrities from over 30 countries with an annual turnover exceeding 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion).

This year's expo in Shanghai invited the winners of Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International to present high-end customized wedding dresses from international bridal brands such as Lanyu, Tarik Ediz, and Grace Kelly and jewelry from Platinum.

"We will consider business links at different levels to introduce Chinese couples to more honeymoon tourism resources, and also provide more tourism opportunities for merchants," says Lin.

As for hotel choices for wedding banquets, more 5-star hotels entered the market.

For instance, the W Hotel on the Bund, Amanyangyun, Four Seasons Hotel, and the Ritz-Carlton are all participating in the expo.

Also, custom-made ring brand Blove brought the jewelry design team of former US first lady Michelle Obama to the event.

According to Lin, the generation born in the 1990s is gradually becoming the major clientele at wedding expos. And compared with the generation born in the decade before, 90 percent of whose weddings are arranged by their parents, the '90s generation is more willing to participate in wedding preparations and choosing wedding supplies. Now, around 80 percent of them arrange their own weddings.Read more at:backless wedding dresses | mermaid wedding dresses


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Beauty is More Than Hair Deep

A hairstory written & performed by Ella Turenne

Every woman has a hairstory. It’s a common bond. I have short, very tight kinky curls. So when I was little I would find the longest scarf in the house and tie it around my head so I could pretend to have long hair. I wanted my mom to straighten my hair. For a long time she wouldn’t. Then when I was 13 she let me get this new thing called Wave Neauveau which made my hair wavy. If I blow dried my hair with Wave Neauveau in it, it would become straight. So I did that for months. I finally had straight long hair! I fit in with the other Black girls in school for the first time. But…then I woke up one day and had bald patches all over my head. I had to cut all my hair off. It was devastating.

It was then I decided: no more chemicals in my hair. But...I still wanted it straight. So my mom used the hot comb. Ah the hot comb. It’s metal. You put it on the stove. Once it’s hot, you comb your hair with it. It would sizzle when it touched my hair. I would sometimes get my ears burnt if I moved at the wrong moment. But it was so worth it. We did that all through high school. Then in college I ditched the comb. I was becoming more political. My hair was a statement about my Blackness. Then after college I decided I wanted locs. Not dreadlocs, but locs. Because when Africans came to the US as slaves and loced their hair, colonizers would call them dreadful…thus dreadlocs. I thought locs were beautiful. And to me they were unapologetically Black. I obsessed over getting them but was afraid because it wasn’t really an acceptable thing to do. I worried about what my parents would say. I worried if they would stop me from getting a job. I worried if I would look terrible with them. Some people think that if you have locs you’re dirty. Or too political. Or ugly. But to me, they were gorgeous. For 2 years I chewed my best friends ear off with all these questions. Then he had enough. He said to me, “Either get the dreadlocks or stop talking about it.”

So I went to a hairstylist to get it done. The way she did it - she sectioned my hair and rolled each section with her palm. I had these little coils all over my head. She knotted each at the roots my hair wouldn’t slip out. She warned me, When I do this, there is no going back. Only way to undo this is to chop everything off again.” But I was ready. And I loved them. I watched them grow. I took care of them. I knew each loc…they had their own personality. Some of them were really frizzy. Some of them were tight. Some had knots. Some had curly strands. And sure, there were haters. One time I was at the airport going through security. A TSA agent pulls me over and tells me she has to inspect my locs – which are down my back by this time – because I have too much hair. I won’t let her touch my hair so she has to pass a wand around my head to make sure nothing is in it. That was the bad side. The good side was that having locs though was like being in a secret society. Every time I encountered someone with locs, there was eye contact, a smile, a head nod. My locs were not just my hair…they were more like extensions of my body. Some people believe locs have a direct connection to the cosmos and therefore they capture energy. Like when things happen to you - a breakup, death, trauma, it all gets caught in your hair. So after 8 or so years of having locs, I definitely began to feel the weight of this energy. Cause it just accumulates. Like - I broke up with this guy I had been seeing and had been madly in love with. He wasn’t madly in love with me. And I had a crazy job – toxic environment and terrible boss. My dad was diagnosed with cancer. Nearly died. And my hair held all of it. So after all that, I started thinking…maybe it was time to cut my locs. Which scared me. If I cut them all off, who would I be?

In South Africa people were abducting folks and cutting their locs to sell them on the black market for people who wanted instant locs. I had this dream. I'm in this club. This guy comes up to me and says, “I really like your locs. You’re beautiful.” And me, all flustered, am like, “ Oh thanks.” And then he says,” Why don’t we get out of here.” And I say, “Ok.” I don’t know why I say this. Normally I wouldn't just walk out of a club with a stranger. He grabs my hand we go out the back door. Before I know it, I'm knocked out. When I come to, my friends are saying “Your hair, your hair!” I touch the top of my head. All my locs are gone. I scream.

That dream was like a sign. Something inside said, you have to cut them off. This is too much. This dream is a manifestation of all the crap that’s up in there! I thought I’d start slow. So I'm standing in my bathroom with the scissors in one hand and the mirror in the other looking at the back of my head through the mirror on the wall. I take a section of locs, measure where I want to cut with my fingers and then…deep breath….cut right through. About 10 locs fall right into the sink. I’m looking at them there. And then I look in the mirror at my shorter locs. And here’s the thing. I don’t feel anything. Nothing. So I kept cutting. Cutting and cutting until the whole sink fills up with my locs. Still no feeling. And that’s when I know. That’s when I know I am going to cut them all off.

I went to the salon. The stylist cut them off. I remember looking in the mirror after she cut the last one off and thinking to myself - “Who is that person?” But then, I saw me. And it was ok. In fact, I loved who I saw in that mirror. I felt kind of giddy. I felt like I had been set free. Letting go of my locs gave me space to receive other things – my creativity. My love for myself. My fearlessness. I wasn’t thinking anymore about what other people thought of what I looked like. That was life changing. These days, I still get loc envy – when I see someone with a beautiful head of locs, I remember what it was like. And I think one day, I’ll do it again. But for now, I’m really loving the hair I’m in.Read more at:wedding dresses adelaide | wedding dresses australia


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