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During pre-wedding and through the wedding festivities, your skin is the one that suffers the most. How? With the amount of makeup you apply, changing it through the day, it builds up chemicals and toxins on the skin. Even if you do follow the rule of removing makeup every night before sleeping, there can still be some unwanted residue left. What your skin needs is detoxification. Here’s how you can get your skin to breathe again post-wedding.

Dry brushing

Dry brushing means using a brush over your skin without applying water or any other liquid. It removes dead skin cells and is also said to help get rid of toxins from the body and reduce cellulite. It stimulates lymphatic systems and the blood circulation under the skin. Because of this, more fresh blood rushes to your skin, and toxins are easily eliminated from your body. For best results, do this before bathing. Use a natural bristle brush and rub it over your skin in strokes directed towards the heart. Start from one area of the body, like the toes and head to the others, taking 2-3 minutes on each part. Avoid doing this on your face, or any place where you have skin abrasion or rash.


Steaming your skin is another way to open up pores and unclog accumulated dirt or grime on the skin. If you don’t have a steam shower, visit a salon or spa that offers steaming and ensure that you give your skin at least 10 minutes or more of it. You can then use an exfoliating scrub to remove loosened dirt or grime.

Deep cleansing

While you may be using a face cleanser regularly, you need to deep-cleanse it to ensure that all residual toxins are removed. Choose a natural, chemical-free, and pH-balanced cleanser. After this, use lukewarm water to clean it further and then cold water to seal the open pores. You can use a deep cleanser after steaming to ensure that opened pores are cleansed too.

Detox baths

Epsom salts help draw out impurities that might have got built up in skin pores. Add some of these salts to your bath and immerse yourself in it. You can add other products to further help detoxification. Ginger helps prevent free radical damage, so add some freshly grated ginger to the Epsom salt before adding it to the bath water. Or add apple cider vinegar to the watr containing Epsom salts, as the former helps restore pH levels of your skin.

Get muddy

Mud masks aid in removing impurities and toxins, unclogging blocked pores, and revitalising the skin. From the many mud masks available in the market, pick the one that suits your skin type the best, and use it as per the instructions on it. Slather on a thick layer of mud mask on your body, and keep it on for 10-15 minutes. Step into a hot steam bath, and let it open up your pores and get the benefits of the mud mask seep in. After five minutes of steam, wash off the mud mask and enjoy a fresh, hydrated skin!Read more at:bridal dresses | wedding gowns melbourne


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How Rehearsal Dinners Came

I took the “rehearsal” part of my wedding seriously. Wearing a short white dress and tramping around the damp grass in heels, I kid you not, I instructed my friends over a microphone on the dance moves they would perform the following day as they walked down the aisle. (In my defense, it was a different time. It was 2013). Yes, it was a Thursday. Yes, most people had just arrived from a hasty and stressful work week. And yes, it was showtime. After a few quick run-throughs, I knew the cast of my wedding needed to carbo-load. Wouldn’t want them nutrient depleted before their big YouTube debut, now would we? So we dispersed into about 21 vehicles, give or take, and made our way through the fields of Ohio to our rehearsal dinner hosted by my in-laws.

Rehearsal dinners have been happening for about as long as weddings have been happening. Wedding historian Susan Waggoner writes, “Hundreds of years ago, attending a wedding could mean days of travel.” Now we may not have to travel days anymore, but it sure feels like it when your layover is at Chicago Midway, am I right? Waggoner continues, “The night before the event would find the tent, hut, castle, or manor house jammed to the rafters with friends, relatives, and emissaries, all of whom had to be fed.” I recently attended a wedding in Albuquerque, and the night before we had 13 people crowded into a six-person apartment that we rented on Airbnb. The grooms took pity on us and dropped off pillows, blankets, and extra coffee supplies at about 10pm, and we plebeians grunted a chorus of thanks from our respective corners.

I love Waggoner’s description of rehearsal dinners of yesteryore: “The meal born of necessity evolved into a party, and with it evolved the convenient belief that it was the guests’ absolute duty to make as much noise as possible in order to drive away evil spirits and ensure a propitious wedding day for the bride and groom.” In Albuquerque, there wasn’t much to do in the wee hours before the wedding day with about two inches of sleeping space, so we had a small dance party... and some craft beer-inspired drumming was involved. While I was certain the neighbors sharing our wall would snitch, they must have understood the gravity of scaring away evil spirits from our beloved grooms, and on Monday our host gave us a perfect review. It was a rehearsal dinner miracle.

Other rehearsal dinner miracles may include: uncles from two sides of the family really hitting it off, your best friends becoming best friends, and perhaps even enjoying the rehearsal more than the wedding itself. Caroline of Virginia says, “Our night-before dinner was one of my very favorite times during our wedding. The actual day was full of whirlwind chaos, but the night before we had so much fun just relaxing, eating amazing food, and being with the most important people to us.”

Dawn of Ohio also experienced the magic of rehearsal dinners: “Our rehearsal dinner became a time for everyone to get to know each other and relax the night before the big day. In fact, after meeting for the first time that evening, a lot of our wedding party decided to all go out together after the rehearsal dinner and then again after the wedding.”

Rehearsal dinners range from being very casual to quite upscale. Erica of North Carolina says, “Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner, we had a ‘Welcome BBQ’ at my sister's house.” Meanwhile Regina of Ohio says that in her husband’s family, “they actually call the rehearsal dinner the ‘groom’s dinner,’” which she found a little weird. “It even had assigned seating...unlike our wedding! While it was more formal than my tastes I just sat back, enjoyed it, and let it be what it was.” She could tell how important the dinner was to her mother in law. “It turned out to be plenty of fun and in the end I enjoyed attending a party rather than hosting one.”

Rehearsal dinners are for making new friends, enjoying a meal, letting your mother-in-law do her thing, and scaring those evil spirits away, of course. All in all, I have to say—for the first time ever—that this is one wedding tradition I hope never dies.Read more at:wedding dresses | wedding dresses perth


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Voonik's business

A major breakthrough for Voonik came about around the end of 2014. We launched the company in 2013, primarily as a stylist platform providing recommendations based on body type, personality, lifestyle, etc.

However, around October 2014, we launched our mobile app and along with that, introduced a new category: sarees. What we noticed then was a large inflow of customers predominantly from tier-II, tier-III towns and when we went deeper, we observed that sarees (which was the newest category) was slowly becoming 50% of our overall business. This was a time when smartphone usage was picking up across the country.

We realised there was no particular fashion app to discover and buy sarees. While fashion portals like Myntra existed at that time - their primary focus was the metro audience.

Similarly, horizontal marketplaces were also not specifically focused on smaller towns and cities. This is when we found our white space. We decided to go for the affordable segment focusing on ethnic wear like sarees, kurtas, etc. We were going to provide the discovery experience with an app-first format.

The app having a million downloads within 2-3 months and the saree category becoming half of our business gave us a peek into what the future for Voonik is going to be. Prior to this, we were focused on metro fashion.

All this happened in November 2014 and post-that, once we found this white space - that we are going to become a leader in affordable fashion through ethnic wear - we were able to raise series-A round of funds from Sequoia in the next two months.Read more at:wedding dress adelaide | beach wedding dresses


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Coconut oil serves

Do you want whiter teeth? Moisturized skin? Healthier hair? Coconut oil could be the answer.

Coconut oil can be used in many different ways. Coconut oil is a natural product that can be used as an alternative to chemicals present in beauty products. It can also keep your body in a healthier state of nourishment.

Naturopathic doctor Jana Rogers praises coconut oil and often tells her patients to incorporate the natural remedy into their lives.

“Coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats to consume for brain function in its raw form,” Rogers said.

Rogers shares many benefits with her patients that can come from daily use of coconut oil. She said the natural product increases energy and has anti-aging properties and anti-bacterial properties that can prevent cavities.

Dallas resident Savannah Troutt uses coconut oil as an alternative to the harsh chemicals in sunscreen.

“I use it to get a dark tan. When I use coconut oil, my skin stays moisturized and I never get sunburned,” Troutt said. “Coconut oil has a natural SPF in it and I don’t feel like I am putting any harmful chemicals on my skin.”

Troutt also expressed that she takes coconut pills every morning to help her skin and hair. She says the properties in coconut oil have made her hair thicker and shinier.

Despite many positive testimonies in relation to coconut oil and health, the Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter to Carrington Farms, a provider of coconut oil, and expressed why their product is misleading and not as healthy as people may think. The FDA have found that increased cholesterol can be connected to active Coconut Oil use.

“Scientific evidence suggests that trans-fat acts in a similar manner to saturated fat with respect to raising LDL cholesterol,” the FDA said.

Coconut oil can also be used in other ways that are not beauty-related. Plano businesswoman Lane Shulte uses coconut oil in the kitchen.

“Instead of using oils in cooking such as canola oil and vegetable oil, you can use coconut oil which makes the food healthier,” Shulte said. “It is also a good oil for high heat, so you can grease your pans with it to add great flavor to your food.”

Shulte says she uses coconut oil every morning when she fries her eggs. She puts the oil on the pan and the eggs never stick.

Coconut oil has also been found to accelerate weight loss when paired with light exercise.

“I have noticed weight loss. Before a workout, I always take three pills so I know I will have the energy to give it my all,” Troutt said.

Coconut oil has been found to have anti-bacterial properties that can be very useful for oral care. SMU student Brooke Pospichal uses coconut oil as an alternative to Crest White Strips. Before discovering coconut oil, she used the strips and now she will never go back.

“I swish with coconut oil in my mouth for about 20 minutes every day, and I have noticed my teeth have become much whiter. I don’t experience the sensitivity that I used to get from the white strips,” Pospichal said.

Coconut oil has also been seen to cure tooth infection. Oil-pulling is a new trend in which the coconut oil pulls toxins out through your mouth. This can be a way to cure oral needs naturally.

“I drink a lot of coffee, so coconut oil saves my teeth,” Pospichal said.

Any product or service has both positives and negatives, and coconut oil will have to be taken with a grain of salt for each individual.Read more at:Beach Bridesmaid Dresses | cheap bridesmaid dresses


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