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Wedding Dream wedding, only 2% of people will choose private custom models

Everyone imagines that the day of marriage becomes the most beautiful princess. A wedding dress is a weapon that casts a dream. Every time you pass through a bridal store, you always look inwards and you look at the small window. happy! In the dream, we are the shy bride, happy bloom. Let's round this dream together with wedding dress designer Wu Yan, from happy girl to happy woman, at that most beautiful moment.
Every girl should wear her own wedding dress, instead of simply buying a wedding dress without a sense of design. Every girl should have a wedding dress that suits her. Each person's wedding dress is different. Many brides will encounter this kind of problem when preparing their own wedding - is to choose a hundred yuan wedding or spend ten thousand yuan to buy a haute couture wedding? Such a problem is difficult to say, but when it comes to making choices, it is always difficult to make people feel relieved. Both want to save more money for future life, but also reluctant to wronged a woman's happiness dreams sketched since childhood, private custom wedding dress costs more expensive than the rental, cheaper than the international big-name, conditions allow private customization should be a Belong to their own dream wedding dress, royal wedding custom private custom models only about 3,000.
Royal wedding custom tells you why you want to do a private custom wedding dress? Through a wedding dress to make individual temperament becomes stronger, if a wedding dress is very large in size, the design is very luxurious and luxurious, but can not see the bride's own gas field is useless, especially for the Asian features and body, more Not suitable to challenge the kind of domineering Queen Fan children's wedding dress, too gorgeous wedding dress is not able to wear a strong gas field. Or should be designed for each person's different temperament to truly suit their own wedding. “A fantastic wedding dress, an extremely romantic wedding, holding you in love, entering the auditorium and promising a lifetime.” This is probably the most beautiful and happiest thing girls feel. Maybe at the moment, like me, from childhood to childhood, I imagined the wedding dress that I belonged to, so I couldn't resist the beautiful wedding dress.
Choose a wedding dress for the simple design sense, you can also become a "suitable for travel wedding", you can easily take a honeymoon or travel, if it is only practical to wear the ceremony the same day, it is also a girl hope that the wedding can accompany two loving People travel around the world to make this wedding dress more memorable and make her become a talking wedding dress. You will feel that it's not the same everywhere you go. Whenever you put on her, you can get back the original feeling of love. It is said that a woman is the most beautiful time of her life on her wedding day.

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The world's first wedding

Queen Victoria of England (1819-190).

Wedding dress,

Wedding dress,

1) when she got married, she dressed in a white dress made of beautiful Chinese brocade, with an 18-foot long tail and a white veil, and a pure white from head to toe. Before queen Victoria's wedding, royal wedding dresses were traditionally worn with a crown of jewels, an evening gown studded with jewels and silver, and a fur coat. Her this outrageous, amazing, spread more quickly become a fashion, western wedding the bride wearing a white wedding dress also gradually became a tradition and popular. The white wedding dress represents the purity of the heart and innocence of the child, and gradually becomes a symbol of virginity.

After the first world war in the 1920s, the change of women's social status changed the style of wedding dress greatly, and gradually appeared the wedding dress of short skirt.

In the 1940s, because of world war ii, the bride's wedding dress became simple and simple, and many mothers used their wedding dresses as family heirlooms for their daughters to dowry.

The world's longest

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What goes around

This is the time of year Helen Wilson just about lives with a tape measure around her neck, dress clamps in hand and a box of pins nearby.

  Wilson is the owner of Bridal Country, a formalwear store that has been doing business in downtown Smyrna for more than 40 years. Next door is Wilson’s Photography, her husband George Wilson’s studio that started in 1977. She opened her doors a year later.

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  “I left my job in Murfreesboro to join him,” Helen Wilson said. “We were concerned we might not be able to make it financially so we met a lady at a show that was going out of business and we bought her wedding gown stock.

  “The dresses seemed like a good thing to compliment the weddings he was shooting, and for years, along with some accessories and tux rental, that is all I sold,” she added. “The prom gowns came later and they are the majority of what I sell.”Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/bridesmaid-dresses-brisbanehttp://www.sheindressau.com/bridesmaid-dresses-perth  

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Bride battling cancer refuses

Laurin Long and Michael Bank wouldn’t let cancer dictate their wedding date.

  Just a few months ago, doctors warned she might need to be on oxygen or not be able to walk down the aisle at all as her illness — vanquished for more than two years — suddenly returned just as the couple was planning their life together.

  Move up your wedding date, doctors advised. But March 24 was special — it was the anniversary of the day Long and Banks met — and changing it felt like giving in to cancer and giving up, so they were defiant.

  “We decided that March 24, whatever condition I was in, we were going to do it,” Long, 29, told TODAY.

  “She’s amazing. We’ve been focusing on loving each other and loving life,” Bank, 34, added.


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24 Of The Prettiest Dresses

Plus size brides-to-be, we've just made shopping for the perfect occasion easier! As a newly engaged gal, you’re about to be celebrated in a variety of ways from an engagement party to a bridal shower to a bachelorette. Then, it’s time for the grand finale—your wedding! Which means a rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch is likely on the agenda, too. For all these occasions, you will undoubtedly be in need of a few gorgeous plus size dresses, and for spring and summer, amazing options abound.
If you’re feeling a floral print, the latest options come vintage-inspired either as ditzy motifs or as splashy patterns. In a range from pastel shades to super saturated colors and cut in fresh silhouettes with asymmetric details, this look is a winner for those with a penchant for modern blooms. Gingham and polka dots are two other patterns worth considering—in figure-flattering shapes like a romantic tiered skirt or an A-line mini, it’s a fun way to wear a print if flowers aren’t your thing.
For a romantic and springy palette, seasonal pastels are a great way to go. Choose from of-the-moment lavender, pale peach, soft pink, or icy blue for a look that feels frothy-fresh! Lace is a lovely option—we’re for modern cuts like a high-low hem, figure-flattering midi, or a feminine halter neck with a tiered skirt.
Perhaps you’re in the mood for bridal white. If you’re the fashion forward type, aim for a style with trendy 80s influence like a puffed shoulder sheath. How about a cape-style silhouette for a so now look? Or, keep things classic with a sophisticated lacy number, floral appliqué sundress, or a minimal one-shoulder mini. All breathtaking options for those with timeless style.
Here, get inspired with 24 beautiful plus size dresses engaged gals need to see. With most options coming in under $100, you’ll be able to scoop up a few frocks for a bridal wardrobe that’s second to none. Get shopping!Read more at:homepage sheindressau wedding dresses online shop .amazing wedding dresses   

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Trendy, sophisticated, chic

If fashion is an expression of ourselves, these are our mentors. These 10 people elicit envy in the street, make those around them wish they could pull off that look. They inspire us with their style and push us to fulfill our own. What inspires them? What do they adore? How do they do it? We asked; they obliged.

Rio DeArmond, program coordinator, Wellfit Girls; brand ambassador, Wren & Roch

What defines your style? Unpredictable. I like to work off the environment I am in and my current mood. It could be sexy or sophisticated, but it will always be playful.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? Yes, most of the time. Like most women, I am juggling a lot at once. The last thing I want to do is feel rushed when I need to decide what to wear. Fashion should be fun and there is no fun in being rushed. I have come to prefer boutiques versus department stores because the experience is much more personal. I work with Rouze and To the Moon boutiques for my looks. They know my personality, my body type, things I love and, most importantly, things I don’t. It makes shopping so much easier. With the many charity events that I attend in my community, the personalized shopping decreases my chances that someone will arrive wearing the same look as I am. I am also fortunate to work with a personal stylist, Melanie Pace, who I adore. She pushes me out of my comfort zone in a good way.

What is your go-to “uniform”? Working for Wellfit Girls and being a certified spinning instructor, most of my weekdays are spent in workout attire. I recently discovered Bandier and Carbon38. These two online stores carry fitness clothing that incorporate the current fashion trends. I love that I can be in workout attire and still feel fashionable.

Who is your style icon? I follow many celebrities, but my go-to fashion expert is Rachel Zoe. Her daily emails keep me in-the-know while her advice allows me to keep my own style at the same time. Balmain is the designer I am currently obsessed with. The creative director, Olivier Rousteing, creates bold designs I get excited about. I was in awe when I walked into the flagship store in Paris. I would wear anything Balmain.

Is there one item of clothing or accessory that completes your personal style?The handbag I am carrying is my completion for any look. The handbag or a jacket. Either have the ability to finish off a look in a powerful way.

How important is fit to your look? Fit is extremely important. If it does not fit properly, it is not going to look good no matter what it is.

What is your most important accessory? My most important accessory is the Cartier Trinity necklace my boyfriend gave me shortly after we started dating. It stands for love, fidelity and friendship and was a commitment to our future. Not only is it beautiful, but the meaning behind it makes it priceless to me.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? Baby doll dresses from the ’60s. There is no reason a grown woman should attempt to dress like a child.

Dwayne Bergmann, principal and conceptual artist/designer, Dwayne Bergmann Interiors

What defines your style? My style is tailored with a twist. I keep my options very simple, always tailored, yet will throw in a pop of color or pattern just because it is Florida and color is a part of our day-to-day lifestyles.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? I do not pre-plan for the week. I select what I am going to wear the morning of. I get ready super quickly in the morning, so I pull everything together in five minutes or less.

What is your go-to “uniform”? Casual pants, white shirt and fun sports coat.

Who is your style icon and why? Tom Ford. His style is uncomplicated, timeless and always a touch formal.

Is there one item of clothing or accessory that completes your personal style? Sports jacket.

How important is fit to your look? Everything must fit properly. I am very selective about fit and making sure items are tailored to fit me.

What is your most important accessory? Pocket square.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? Skinny jeans.

Rick Severance, president, Babcock Ranch

What defines your style? Casual and clean.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? No — my three daughters say that everything in my closet looks the exact same, so that makes it easy for me to just grab and go.

What is your go-to “uniform”? Golf shirt, shorts and driving loafers.

Who is your style icon? I guess my dad, because he always looks sharp whether he is in a suit or shorts and a T-shirt.

Is there one item of clothing or accessory that completes your personal style?

Ray Ban Aviators and my Babcock Ranch visor.

How important is fit to your look? I learned a long time ago that if you are a medium, wear a medium and not a large for comfort. Also, an athletic or slim fit shirt can really help you feel great.

What is your most important accessory? My wedding ring.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? Acid wash jeans.

Junior G. Gordon, chef, Sails Restaurant

What defines your style? Brooklyn and Jamaica. I’m very culturally traditional in my means of attire, but if I had to define it, I’d say progressive and transcendental chic. I enjoy being able to toe the line of “age appropriate” while remaining subtly current with styles and trends.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? It depends on the occasion. If it’s something formal, then yes, as it could be a wedding or a gala which may be color-themed, so I’ll try to oblige and execute my outfit accordingly.

Who is your style icon? Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert without a shadow of a doubt, because they are the fabric of men’s style and have been highly influential in fashion for quite some time yet remain unequivocally humble. Idris Elba is my style spirit animal.

Is there one item of clothing or accessory that completes your personal style? I can’t say I have any common denominators outside of comfy pants, whether it’s dress pants, chinos, cut offs, jeans or corduroys.

What is your most important accessory? My mom got me a lovely blue-faced, brown leather-strapped quartz Fossil watch some years back that has found a way to make every single outfit. It doesn’t even work anymore due to water damage, but I don’t care. It’s very Linus of me, but everyone has their security blanket, I think.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? I actually don’t have much of a say here. People should wear whatever makes them feel good about themselves, so as long as you’re comfortable. I can’t really bash your style. Don’t worry about others.

Sara LaMont, founder and stylist, Why Style

What defines your style? Authenticity. The key to having great style is knowing who you are and embracing it.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? Knowing how a piece can be styled with what you already own is part of its induction into your much-loved wardrobe; nothing should be added unless it has a purpose or a “place to go.” I guess I do preplan my outfits each day — at the beginning of each season and not the night before.

What is your go-to “uniform”? I have to be honest: No matter how much I would like to say something that would blow your fashion mind, my real life “go-to” look is a pair of worn-in jeans, funky heels or loafers, a clean white top and a bright lip color. Fashion is meant to exist in our everyday lives, our Wednesday afternoons and our Sunday mornings…this is mine.

Who is your style icon? My style icon is the person I check out on the street when I’m out and about and think, “I wish I was brave enough to pull that look off.” Fashion is an expression of ourselves, a way to explore who we are or who we want to be. Those people who inspire us with their unexpected and adventurous style help push us outside of our box and closer to our style potential.

How important is fit to your look? Fit has everything to do with style. If you love something, but it doesn’t fit your body shape or lifestyle, you have to let it go and embrace what does.

What is your most important accessory? Being comfortable in your look is the ultimate accessory. It’s something I think about every day when I get dressed and when I’m putting looks together for my clients. “Is this realistic… Is this comfortable?” All of us have the looks we wish we could wear and then the looks that actually fit our lifestyle and body shape. When you see someone forcing something to work, you can tell. They’re constantly fighting or adjusting. When someone is comfortable in their clothes, it translates as confidence and that’s what everyone wants to project.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? Fanny packs… and the worst thing is, they have come back into style… and I like them!

Carla Delgado, stylist, Why Style

What defines your style? Eclectic. Unexpected.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? Absolutely.

What is your go-to “uniform”? Don’t have one. That’s the goal.

Who is your style icon? Everyday people inspire me in trying new things — sometimes by following exactly what they did, sometimes by showing me what doesn’t work. I draw style inspiration from what I see around me.

Is there one item of clothing or accessory that completes your personal style?No. Everything has the potential of completing my personal style. Every item of clothing or accessory can become the protagonist of the look. I always try to showcase only one thing at a time. Too many good pieces together can be distracting. A fabulous piece deserves to be highlighted, not made to fight for attention.

How important is fit to your look? Fit is paramount in achieving comfort with style. If it doesn’t fit, you won’t be happy wearing it.

What is your most important accessory? With style and love of fashion running through my veins, there’s no way to choose. It’s like having multiple kids and having to choose a favorite. Everything is important — like pieces in a puzzle.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? Pure polyester fabrics. Aside from that, bring it on.

Michael Reed, chief whiskey slinger, founder American Barrels

What defines your style? Timeless looks are always a sure bet. Being trendy, frankly, just takes too much energy.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? Only if I’m traveling.

What is your go-to “uniform”? Sport coat, plain T-shirt, jeans and a worn-in pair of shoes.

Who is your style icon? James Dean because he always presented himself — whether on or off screen — in a classic American style and with a gentlemen’s demeanor no matter what outfit he was donning or situation he found himself. It’s the style of “not giving a flying one.”

Is there one item of clothing or accessory that completes your personal style?Socks — and not just any socks, the right socks.

How important is fit to your look? If it ain’t comfortable, I don’t wear it.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? Popped collars. Birkenstock sandals. Anything Ed Hardy-related. But hey, to each his own.

Stephanie Meiser, founder, creative director and executive planner, Along Came Stephanie

What defines your style? I’d describe my style as classic and understatedly chic with a touch of sass. I’ve never really been one to wear something just because everyone else has it… but I do love to incorporate a touch of the latest trends to classic staples. I’m a firm believer that if you dress well, you feel great. To me, fashion is all about not taking myself too seriously or dressing to be somebody I’m not.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? I’m a wedding planner and designer, so it kind of comes with the territory. I usually try to have a general idea of what I’m going to wear ahead of time, and then decide on an outfit based on how I’m feeling once I’m getting ready. Nobody likes to wear an outfit that doesn’t make them feel good once they put it on, so I never shy away from switching things up at the last minute if it feels right. A girl’s gotta have options, you know?

What is your go-to “uniform”? A navy blue dress and a cute (and comfortable) pair of shoes.

Who is your style icon? I don’t think I really have one, which makes sense, as I tend to march to my own beat and have an aversion to following the crowd. I have always admired Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana, though. I love that their approachable elegance and feminine looks have stood the test of time. They were romantic, classic but still had a way of making a look stand out in a crowd.

Is there one item of clothing or accessory that completes your personal style? For me, any outfit is complete with a touch of blue and a great pair of shoes. Some days I want a bold or trendy accessory, and others I want a more simple and classic look. Even if my clothes aren’t fitting just right or my hair is fighting a losing battle against humidity, a fun pair of shoes can change my entire look. I think it goes hand in hand with how I incorporate design elements into my work as a wedding planner. It’s just another wedding unless you add a touch of something that embodies who that couple is, which a style board or Pinterest photo won’t capture.

What is your most important accessory? My wedding ring. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, David, for over 30 years now. I love my ring — it’s a unique design that I like to think embodies my approach to personal style. But more than that, it’s a constant and sentimental reminder of the thing I cherish most, and that’s the relationship with my husband and the life we’ve built together.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? I’d be OK if the neon trend of the ’80s never came back in style. These things have a way coming back around eventually, so we’ll see.

Jennifer Williams, owner, Jennifer's Boutique

What defines your style? My style is on trend — current always with some bit of an edge.

What is your go-to “uniform”? My go-to and obsession would be jeans. I love them and can’t share the actual number of pairs I own.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? Not usually. For the work week, I try to mix it up so I have variety.

Who is your style icon? I would have to say my mother. She was a fashionista her entire (93 years) life and shared that love with me. She taught me to always buy the highest quality, even if I had to shop the sale racks. Shopping was one of our favorite activities. She never felt age limited her, but always looked “age appropriate.”

How important is fit to your look? Fit is of the utmost importance — that can make or break your look.

What is your most important accessory? I love them all. I feel that’s what personalizes your look. I love great watches, and shoes are key for me — and always jewelry.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? Oh my gosh — I hope to never see stirrup pants make a comeback!

Rafael Feliciano, co-founder, Food Idea Group, Inc.

What defines your style? I’d define my style like an old-fashioned on the rocks: classic, detailed-driven and splashed with some flair. I want my style to be personal and reflect my attitude. I love taking styles that are timeless and adding my own polish to it.

Do you pre-plan your outfits? I wish I can say I just throw it together and run out the door, but it never happens like that. Because my career has me on the go, I have to plan ahead and sometimes bring additional clothes with me. You’ll never catch me without two or three pairs of shoes and jackets in my car.

What is your go-to “uniform”? My go-to "uniform" is a two-button sports jacket, an open-collar Oxford, tapered jeans and a pair of leather wingtip shoes. Versatility is important to me. I can layer a V-neck sweater and dress it up or roll up the ankle with some casual sneakers and dress it down.

Who is your style icon? Ralph Lauren. His look and his brand have continued to evolve over the years but never lost (their) timeless approach to style. When I think “Ralph Lauren,” I don’t just correlate it to one style. He’s an ambassador of wanting to look good everywhere. From sleek suits to athletic clothing, it’s hard to deny his impact in the fashion world. Ralph Lauren once said, “It’s easier to follow fashion than it is to have personal style.” That’s always resonated with me. He’s also a great business man and philanthropist. His style reflects his work.

Is there one item of clothing or accessory that completes your personal style? My shoes — shoes define the outfit. I’ve been into shoes my whole life. It can be Jordans or monk straps; the right shoe with the right outfit makes a lasting impression. Some guys have one pair of black shoes; I have 10 to 12 that all serve a different look.

What is your most important accessory? I used to say my watches. Now that I’m older, my lapel pins are my favorite accessory. As an entrepreneur, I have spoon and fork lapel pins that always spark conversations whether at events or even standing in line getting groceries. It hasn’t just been a great style accessory but another way of marketing my brand.

What fashion trend do you hope never comes back in style? Anything from the disco era. I picture John Travolta running around with a headband and tube socks. Please, never again.Read more at:wedding dresses melbourne | beach wedding dresses


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