Preparations for a new marriag

Feng shui problems should be paid more attention to, when marriage room decorate in close to meet the day, will be to prepare for bawdy, lay the bed or decorate some temperament or flowers such as room atmosphere, and should pay attention to is to know what taboos.

Wedding room preparation and taboo

(1) the best choice for the bridal chamber is in the place with clear light and air circulation.

(2) the color of the bridal chamber should not be mixed with ten colors. It is easy to have extramarital affairs.

(3) do not hang the wind bell on the window sill of the bridal chamber, which will easily weaken the bride's nerves and make her dizzy and upset.

(4) the bridal chamber shall not span under the transverse wall outside the house, and couples are liable to have quarrels.

(5) when installing a new bed, place the bed in the right position, not opposite the sharp corners of the desk, wardrobe or anything. The new bed also needs to place some lucky good omen goods on the bed, such as lily, red date, lotus seed, which means a hundred years of good cooperation, early birth of noble son and so on.

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How to show the most natural

??The photographer will communicate with WeChat on the day before the shooting. It will also give our customers some opinions from a professional point of view. It is helpful to take wedding photos.

????Everyone who has a photo experience in life should understand how to reveal the most natural smile when taking wedding photography. In fact, the most natural smile is from the heart. When new people take photos, they can feel like being happy. Things or some funny things, so that the bride will laugh naturally and more beautiful.


????A professional team of photographer makeup artists will help the customer during the shooting. Before taking pictures, they can also practice in the mirror.


????Then we have to make it clear that the significance of the wedding photographs of new people is where the significance of wedding photography is not when shooting, but in the future for memories and weddings for others to enjoy, this is a spiritual enjoyment. Leave new memories of sweet memories on the photos.

When you look at a wedding photo with your lover, recall the years gone by and the time spent together. This is a romance.

????In fact, there are many new people who dare not show themselves in the camera. The wedding photo is a lifetime thing. The expression on the face is very important. A confident smile and a natural expression can produce a more perfect wedding picture.

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White wedding dress

Bridal weddings were introduced to the country from Western countries for only a hundred years. The modern white wedding dress originated from the 18th century French Napoleon era.

The impression given by white is quiet and pure. At a glance it can lead to endless thinking. Zhang Ailing used the white rose and red rose as metaphors for the girl and the young woman. White is like a girl's unprotected heart and exudes a unique charm.

White, as the mainstream color in wedding dress colors, has its profound historical roots. During the reign of the monarchy, women’s social status was very low. People value women’s virginity. Girls must guard themselves before marriage. This idea is also reflected in the color of the dress that the bride wears. In some places in the past, it was stipulated that white wedding dresses were the patents of girls, and that women who had married or had lost ones could not wear white wedding dresses because people believed that the bride on the wedding day should be the purest and most beautiful, while the white is the only one. The color that matches her purity and beauty.

With the development of the times, more and more girls are no longer satisfied with the color of a single wedding dress. They are boldly dressed in various wedding dresses when they hold a wedding ceremony. They are quiet blue, lively yellow, gorgeous and noble purple... The bride will also exchange wedding dresses of different colors at different moments on the day of the wedding day. A variety of colors fully reflect the different characters of the bride and let the bride shine exceptionally in this day that belongs to them.

However, in the formal occasion of the wedding day, the white wedding dress has always been the first choice for most brides. Because people, including the bride's own innermost heart, hope that the girl on the wedding day is a “water-rich lotus”, clean and quiet; pure and beautiful.

In this turbulent world, people are eager to have a pure land to rest on their own. Love is a fairy tale at the end of the century, and the girl who harvests love is fortunate. Sunshine, greenery, blue sky, white clouds, brides dressed in white wedding dresses are beautiful angels, the darling of God.

In the ever-changing trend, white has always occupied the theme of popular color with its unique charm, and all the splendidness is at last calm, people are eager for peace and freedom, and white gives life a deeper meaning.

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The fabric the wedding dress

For the gauze series wedding dress, often "layer" this concept is very main. It is suggested that when selecting yarn series, under the condition of economic capacity, do not choose products below four layers of yarn. Because the number of layers is too little, will make the wedding dress look dry and shriveled, listless, not quite solid, fleecy, cannot reflect the idea that gauze qualitative fabrics is lightsome, romantic, full of delusion at all.

If the satin series of products, generally a layer of imported thick forging and a layer of lining can achieve a good effect. If add better skirt support, can be more perfect beautiful. Shenzhen wedding dress custom

Too complex production craft and adornment often draw a snake to add feet, the attention of the spectator is drawn to the detail of the wedding dress and ignored the beauty of the hostess of the wedding dress. Especially those whole hemlines are full of the wedding dress with big flowers so that the eyes do not know where to go. Therefore, European and American wedding dress advocates simple, generous style. Of course, appropriate beaded embroidery, lace, bowknot, ribbon is also the indispensable wedding dress point eyeball pen. It's like the slogan of a brand's clothing: simple but not simple.

If you want to make your wedding dress a family heirloom, you'd better choose silk, this luxurious fabric is elegant, noble and comfortable to wear. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that wearing silk doesn't achieve a pure white effect because it always has a creamy yellow look.

Moderate price if you want the selected fabrics, durable and not easy corrugate, then can choose multiple ester fiber fabrics thinking, their common characteristic is bright, the price is relatively cheap, also but wrinkle easily. Shenzhen wedding company shenzhen wedding dress custom

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Do you know different body

Different body shapes are suitable for bridesmaid dresses. If you have several bridesmaids, it's not easy to choose the color and length of bridesmaid dresses that everyone loves. Let's see how different shapes fit into bridesmaid dresses. Presiding officer

Different shapes for bridesmaid dresses 1. Wide belt and asymmetrical dresses

If she is petite and boyish, with a wide belt and asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses, she can create the illusion of moving people's eyes to her belly and ignoring her flat figure.

Different shapes for bridesmaid dresses 2

If her figure is graceful and curvy, an elegant off-the-shoulder gown is a timeless classic. The corset fitted her waist perfectly.

3. One-shoulder goddess skirt

If she has a full bust, a one-shouldered piece can be fitted with a chic and curvy look that doesn't make her look bushy.

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Bridesmaid dresses the show

Bridesmaid dresses and bridal wedding dress collocation, bridesmaid dresses also need to match according to the wedding scene, bridal wedding dress design and color photograph, ability achieves the wedding day another beautiful scenery line. Here's a look at the bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns. How to write wedding red envelopes

Bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns go hand in hand with each other. 1. Bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns can be boldly compared based on the wedding scene, bridal wedding dresses and color matching methods. In style or color, bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns form a certain contrast and contrast. For example, the bride wears a long dress and the maid of honor can wear a short dress, which can bring a sense of contrast.

Bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns go hand in hand. Blue dresses are perfect for bridesmaids at dream ocean or beach weddings. On color can choose relaxed shallow blue, lilac or noble gem blue, the snow spins frivolous material on fabrics more suit the romantic moment that face opens toward sea, spring warm flowers.

Bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress collocation (3) to form relatively lively, fresh lawn wedding, bridesmaid choose wearing a knee-length skirt dress, color can choose the light green, light pink or light yellow color. Of course, the most important one is to keep consistent with the style and color of the bride's wedding dress.

Bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress collocation 4. If the indoor wedding held A grand, magnificent, bridesmaid dresses had better choose A word skirt style more formal dress, such as, the hemline above to the instep, style is given priority to with concise and easy, can choose the color shallow champagne, cream-colored, shallow brown or gray is safe, but also can reflect the elegant style of the wedding.

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The origin of wedding dress

About the origin of the wedding dress has a good many, but is generally believed that the prototype of the wedding dress should be traced back to 1700 BC to 1700 BC in ancient Greece, the three generations of your dynasty aristocratic women wear in the chest, sleeves to the elbow, bosom, waist by the cord in the breast, in bell dress, under the tight fit clothing.

The west in the 19th century, when the girls get married bridal gowns worn by the not unified color specifications, until 1840, when Britain's queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria, 1819-1901) married, put on a hit by the beautiful Chinese satin-covered produced white dress, trailing up to 18 feet, and deserve to go up white veil, brought the house down with a pure white gorgeous from head to foot. Before queen Victoria's wedding, royal wedding dresses were traditional dresses with jewelled silver and jewelled gowns and fur coats. Her this outrageous, amazing, spread more quickly become a fashion, western wedding the bride wearing a white wedding dress also gradually became a tradition and popular. The wedding officiator

White wedding dress represents the purity of the heart and childlike innocence, which gradually evolved into the symbol of virginity. In the 1920s after the first world war, the change of women's social status also greatly changed the style of wedding dresses. In the 1940s, as a result of the second world war, the bride's wedding dress became simple and simple.

The white tulle gown now worn by the bride on the floor was originally a Catholic ceremonial dress. Since ancient European countries is clerical U.S.A, people get married must go to the church for the priest or a pastor's prayer and blessing, so as to calculate the formal legal marriage, so, the ceremony the bride wear white suit to god said sincere and pure.

The next time the wedding dress is no longer limited to only one kind of style, wedding to the bride's personality and romantic occasion, despite popular are changing all the time, but keep it romantic wedding dress, centuries of cultural development, the white wedding dress is still mysterious symbol of love and romance and strong.

Although China's religious beliefs are different from those of western countries, and most weddings are not held in churches, it has become a custom to wear wedding dresses. Wedding in red is different with China, even in the Chinese wedding dress is white is given priority to, white symbolizes purity, although color is plain and neat, is divine romance, a stark contrast with the Chinese wedding. In the modern Chinese wedding, young people have long regarded the western white wedding dress as an important dress for their first appearance in front of guests.

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Do not shoot wedding

The big event in the newly-married life makes more people willing to spend time preparing for their own wedding. But for some people who don't have enough funds, it is a headache. Some people think that they take wedding photographs. The price will be too expensive, so choose to not take wedding photos, then do not shoot really good.

Do not take wedding photos

For all people, marriage is a big thing, and choosing not to take a wedding photo is very inappropriate, so that the partner who married you will also feel that you are not sincere, so choose not to take a wedding photo is true The bad, then is not all the wedding photography wedding shooting is very expensive, it is not true, not all wedding photography is expensive. New people can go to the wedding website on the Internet or go to the wedding video studio to consult. According to the requirements of the new people, wedding photography provided by the wedding video studio is also suitable for different levels of funds, so new people should not be afraid and Worried about shooting wedding is too expensive.

As long as the new people dare to go to the wedding video camera, there will naturally be suitable wedding shooting options, there are a variety of styles of wedding pictures for new people to choose from, and most do not need to worry about the price issue.

This is a good commemoration for the marriage of new people. It is also a respect for each other. Therefore, not making a wedding photograph will make marriage no mind.

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What is the wedding dress

Opacity not transparent, translucent or fully transparent. They're more wrinkled, but they're quite cheap. Fit type (noble feeling) from top to bottom close-fitting design type wedding dress, the whole gives a person noble feeling, if you are in small and exquisite venue to hold the wedding banquet, tell me more used for wedding dress fabric. How to choose the length of the skirt? A floor-length skirt starts at the waist and starts at the shoulders. The longer the skirt, the more formal it looks. The asymmetrical neckline is inspired by Greece, and the one-shouldered wedding dress is back on the runway in 2008.

Wedding dress headwear fiber refers to the actual fabric of the line. Weaving refers to the structural composition of a fabric. The floor-skirt was symbolically towed to the ground. And it should be just right. But storage techniques or want to learn: in general, the dress should be folded, folds clip on acid free materials, upper body and sleeves, and the lining, then stored in the big box in the acid free board. At present, wedding dresses are mostly chemical fiber products, mostly made from nylon, down, synthetic fiber and glass fiber. Balanced: keep your body in balance. The royal drag skirt is three yards from the waist. The brightness is bright to dull. If your wedding dress has suspenders and beaded necklaces, the changes will be frequent and expensive. Is it light or heavy? Loose: short vertical style, wide skirt, wide shoulder, boat neck, low waist. I. Contour shape, shape of the garment, soft outline requires soft and flexible fabric; A straight silhouette requires hard material. Don't put any finishing touches on the parts you don't like. The warp thread is equal to the woven edge of the cloth, forming the long line of the fabric. Drag-tailed wedding dresses can be distinguished according to their distinctive features, including texture smoothness or fabric quality. The most common wedding material is: i. flat fabric. If you want to make the choice of fabric price moderate, durable and not easy corrugate, you can consider to choose multiple ester fiber fabrics, their common features are: luster, the price is relatively cheap.

Highlight the areas you like, and add a touch of refinement. Pattern knitting or embossing. In addition, if you have any special requests about clothes, you can also make them before making them. One thing you must remember is that wearing silk doesn't give you a pure white effect because it always has a creamy yellow look. The weft crosses the warp thread to form the fabric. The asymmetrical neckline is inspired by Greece, and the one-shouldered wedding dress is back on the runway in 2008. ? What are the advantages of making a wedding dress versus buying a ready-made wedding dress? A: one of the advantages of making a wedding dress is that you can design a wedding dress that suits your personality, shape, and taste. Compared with other "advanced" wedding dresses, cotton wedding dresses are durable and easy to maintain. Hide type: choose loose style, make cloth more outstanding, and figure can hide. Here are two things to watch out for: first, make sure she doesn't impose her opinions on you; Second, don't let your mom and friends walk you down the street at the same time, because everyone will let you try on the dress she thinks is the most beautiful and suitable for you, and you will feel at a loss.

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Choose the your wedding dress

Wedding dress is not white, for the bride to even tire with all over is a snow-white, queen began in the Victorian era, when the white represents joy, and then strengthen the holy and the meaning of loyalty, the married woman, can not wear white wedding dress and formed gauze of pure white marriage more preeminent lofty status. Before that, Greece also used "white" as the most commonly used color in bridal gowns, but not strictly as white as the whole body. In ancient Rome, the bride wore a yellow veil. At the beginning of the 20th century, the silver wedding dress showed the royal family's noble status. It can be seen that the wedding dress is suitable for its "color" and there is no special requirement to wear a pure white wedding dress. With the changed world trend, dress in addition to traditional color such as white, ivory, cream-colored, more and more popular in recent years of a complete set of pink wedding dress, such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink, purple, pink is green and light silver, very downy and pleasing to the eye; If you dare to try, dark green, date red, deep purple, affixed to the pink wedding dress, forming a colorful dress, the effect is very special; As for the most popular, it is ivory color or pure white wedding dress, affix pink silk flower, butterfly, in order to add color. In fact, the color of the wedding dress is not very important, the most prerequisite is to match the bride's skin color. Oriental skin deep and yellow, wear white wedding dress, can appear dark dumb, wear ivory will be more harmonious and natural, powder blue, purple and yellow skin can't coordinate, instead of powder can orange, pink, green and yellow color match. As for the skin white in red, or bronzed skin, wearing pure white will be very beautiful, especially the latter, will swallow tail clothing now a different light.

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How to elegant wedding photo

Many people know that it is a waste of time and energy to take a wedding photo. The first time you take a new wedding photo, you don't have enough experience. How can you take a wedding photo with an elegant feel? Today Xiaobian shares it with you.

1.Before taking a wedding photo, you must maintain your physical strength. Taking a wedding photo to change clothes and posing for a location is very laborious. You must keep yourself in a good spirit.

2. Skillfully posing. When wedding photographs are taken, there must be some degree of relaxation, and the beauty of beauty is also an important condition for taking good wedding photos. Therefore, the bride must pay attention to the extent of the movement when posing, and should not be overly exaggerated nor too cautious.

3. Makeup. Wedding makeup look is related to the style of the bride's choice of photography, if your wedding style is partial Korean style then makeup should also be fresh, if you choose the style of photography is partial European style, then the choice of makeup should also be aggravated.

4. Props. Wedding photography will definitely use small props, on the one hand to compensate for the position of the hand, and on the other hand, the overall feeling of grooming the wedding photos.

The above is an introduction of how to make elegant wedding photos with Xiaobian and hope that you will be able to take photos of elegant wedding photos.

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New tips for married to drink

The new wedding is to make friends and relatives witness the happiest moments. As the protagonist of today is happy but very happy, but also do not drink too much wine, so as not to lose the demeanor, today Xiaobian to share with you is a new trick for newcomers to drink .

1. Before you drink, you must eat something and you cannot drink on an empty stomach. It is easy to drunk on an empty stomach, and you must not drink too much water.

2. For half an hour before drinking, newcomers can drink a bottle of milk. Drinking milk can promote the decomposition of ethanol and protect the gastric mucosa.

3. When drinking, you can't drink ice water and carbonated drinks at the same time. In this way, the milk you drank before was white, and carbonated drinks can easily promote the body's absorption of alcohol, which is not good for your stomach.

4. If you drink white wine, new people should not drink it. Although you are very happy and happy today, I believe we will not force you to drink too much.

The above is a small coup for Xiaobian to share with you. He hopes that the newcomer can absorb the above coups to make his wedding more smooth and perfect.

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Wedding style

Everyone like the wedding photos of style is different, in the era of the pursuit of fashion and classic, wedding photographs popular style is also different, small make up today to share with you the style wedding photos.

Monochrome is beautiful

Speaking of monochromatic background photos, many newcomers feel monochromatic background is monotonous, but as long as the photographer will be lovely, pure aesthetic elements into in the design of wedding photos, aesthetic effect of wedding photos is taken out.

2. Scene wedding photos

Now popular scene photos including the rain scene photos, campus style wedding photos, underwater wedding photos, the style of the wedding photos are the be fond of according to the couple to capture happiness moment, it is a very good choice for 90 after the couple.

3. Customized wedding photos

This style of wedding photos takes a long time to design, and the scene and clothes are also very demanding. Of course, the cost is also quite high.

The above is the wedding photo style Shared by xiaobian and you. I hope the couple can choose the most suitable wedding photo style according to their own preferences.

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wedding dress introductio

I. outgoing yarn

From the day the bride opens her eyes, she will put on her wedding veil. At this time, the bride needs to do countless things, such as offering tea to her parents, waiting for her husband to receive her, and taking pictures with her bridesmaids. Therefore, the importance of the wedding veil to the bride is self-evident, because the bride should wear the wedding veil for at least 5 hours on the wedding day!

2. Exterior yarn

On the wedding day, the bride will not only take photos indoors as a souvenir, but also take photos outside with her family and friends. Therefore, in order to make the wedding day's photo unusual, we need to prepare a wedding dress for ourselves. For the style of the exterior gauze, you can choose the pengpeng skirt, a-line skirt and so on. Both dresses allow the bride to move freely.

Welcome gauze

As is known to all, before the wedding, the bride and groom will go to the hotel door to greet the guests to express their sincerity. At this time, everyone has the condition under, can choose a gorgeous wedding dress, to show the solemnity of the wedding. However, if economic conditions are limited, brides can also wear the main wedding dress to welcome guests!

Iv. Ceremonial gauze

As the name implies, the wedding veil is the main wedding dress. Although the wedding ceremony is relatively short, only about half an hour, but the importance of the new couple is unsurpassed. In the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange rings, kiss, cut the cake and so on. All these pictures are made by the bride wearing the main wedding dress. So you have to choose your wedding dress carefully.

Above is the introduction of bridal wedding dress design, bride-to-be in the wedding before the first time to get ready to choose the appropriate wedding dress.

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Wedding style worth a try

When new people shoot wedding photos, they always want to diversify their styles of wedding photos. Today, Xiao Bian has summarized several popular wedding styles and will share them with you.

1. European court style.

The European-style wedding photographs give the newcomer a luxurious and noble temperament and are loved by many newcomers. The luxurious photography style is suitable for nostalgic newcomers and is also suitable for newcomers who like European palace life.

2. Appreciative painting style.

This style of wedding highlights the peaceful, graceful and aesthetic style of wedding photography. This wedding style is suitable for advocating painting. Nostalgic newcomer.

3. Modern art style.

This wedding style from the shape and dress selection, gives a literary, extravagant feeling, this wedding style is suitable for the infatuation of theatrical elements, love fashion style literary temperament newcomers.

4. Small fresh Korean style.

The Korean wedding style gives the fresh and fresh aesthetic, Korean wedding is also a style sought after by many new people, from the fresh style, simple and elegant beauty.

These are the popular wedding styles that Xiaobian has shared with you. I hope that the newcomers can choose the most suitable style when choosing a wedding style.

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Bridal wedding small cou

Every bride wants to take the most happily beautiful wedding photos. After all, no one wants to take a wedding photograph when the skin is not good on the makeup. Therefore, the maintenance before taking photos is very important.

1. Paying water is very important. The bride should also insist on drinking water every day, try to drink some mineral water without additives, of course, can also add some lemon when drinking water, on the one hand to promote the body's metabolism, on the other hand can also play a role in regulating gastrointestinal function, so that the skin More supple.

2. Facial massage. Facial massage is an important part of bride's facial care. If the bride has free time, Xiaobian still suggests that the bride go to the beauty center to do a full-face facial treatment to remove facial horniness, Shujin Tongluo, and improve the deep support of the skin.

3. Apply mask. When the bride chooses a mask, she or she has to choose according to her skin quality. Generally, the replenishing mask is one of the necessary masks for the bride. After applying the mask, it is best to use some whitening essence to care for her neck.

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Wedding photographytemperament

As the saying goes, wedding photography does not say anything else but to highlight the protagonist's style and temperament. Although wedding dresses are also very important, the shooting posture and all aspects are to be coordinated with each other. If the shooting is more abrupt, then It is really a failure. If you want to avoid such annoyance, then come to Xiamen wedding photography!

Although women often hope to be very beautiful when they take wedding photos, some wedding organizations will be particularly outrageous. The effect of shooting is that the difference between the two is very large, so when others look at the wedding photos, You will feel that you are looking at another person again, but wedding photography does not appear to be such a situation. It only captures angles to show you a more beautiful posture.

Some people spend money but the effect is not ideal, but in Xiamen wedding photography you will feel the most real and efficient service. Not only does it make you feel pleasantly surprised, but also it can be seen by others. We have good reviews. If we can reach this level, then it is really good.

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Fabric selection wedding gown

Fabrics are the foundation of dress design and are the carriers for designers to show their design ideas. The dress fabrics mainly include forging, yarn, silk, taffeta, and lace. The performance of different fabrics has a major impact on the shaping effect of the garment. The pleated wedding dress is a folded fabric, and the pleats are used in the upper body of the body. Therefore, thin fabrics are mainly used, and thin forgings are used, or thin forging is used as the bottom layer fabric, and the folded yarn covers the upper layer. Ruffle detailing. The overall effect presents a soft and ethereal feeling that can express the beauty of Liang Manchu and its mystery.

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Personality wedding photos

1, more and photographer communication

Communication is very important for wedding photographs. Every couple must have their own ideas before they take a wedding photo, such as what kind of style they prefer, what kind of theme they want to express, etc. Your photographer communicates. Only after communicating, the photographer knows what kind of feelings you really want and you can customize your wedding photos according to your requirements.


2, carefully selected clothing

If you want to take a beautiful and personalized wedding photo, you must choose the right clothing. Newcomers hope to show their perfection through the wedding photo. The selection of clothing is very important. When choosing clothing, not only should you consider what kind of style you are suitable for, you should also consider the background of the shooting, and then consider comprehensively from aspects such as style and color. In order to make your wedding photos more personal, newcomers can also bring their own lovers.


3, try on

Wedding dresses are best to be tested in advance! Do not be afraid of trouble, just to be able to take the most beautiful wedding photos. There are two benefits of try-on, the first is to see if they are suitable for this dress, the size is appropriate, and the other is to see if the two clothes in advance with a harmonious, so that on the day of shooting can save a lot of change clothing Time, and more confident.


4, hairstyle

When new people are doing modeling, different wedding photos can be used with different hair styles. When doing hair styles, you must set the colors and styles of your dresses in advance and inform your stylist so that he can use it according to your situation. You are tailor-made. It is worth reminding newcomers that if a new person wants to change his hairstyle before taking a wedding photo, it is best to be half a month in advance so that he can adapt to the time.


5, bring their own shoes

Bringing your own shoes also has two advantages. The first one is that the shoes inside the bridal salon are worn by everyone. It is not possible to guarantee his hygiene, and the size is not necessarily appropriate. If the shoes are not suitable, especially if the bride's high-heeled shoes are not suitable, If you have a foot, you may also experience unexpected situations. Therefore, you bring your shoes for safety and health. The second benefit is that although the shoes do not appear much time, but select a pair of wedding shoes with personality, once the lens shot shoes, will become the highlight of the photo, make your wedding more personalized oh!

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The selection wedding dress

1, to "price" than three

Always visit the wedding dress website, contact your local dress studio and ask them to send you the latest product catalogue. If you want to buy a dress that you like at an ideal price, you must be wise and be flexible. Reducing the requirements for dress fabrics is also a good way to save money. The number of savings may be considerable, sometimes saving thousands of dollars.

2, Do not blindly exclude online shopping

Some online shops in China have made it easy to buy dresses. They provide a full range of dress sizes and fits. If they are not satisfied, they can easily return. Even more convenient is that the dresses purchased online can be delivered within a week. It is advisable to prepare the dresses at least three months in advance and reserve the time for modifying the cuts, and the time for the store to pull back if it is not consistent with the pictures or if it is not satisfied with the dresses.

3, to buy in the country

Buying a wedding dress from abroad is too much trouble. Foreign distributors are not bound by the laws of our country. Therefore, if there are problems, there is no way to appeal to the law and safeguard their own interests. Moreover, shipping from abroad is also very expensive.

4, Do not trust online advertising images

At times, some websites will unauthorized the use of advertising images from designers' websites. To confirm whether this website or studio is authorized is as simple as calling the customer service hotline on the designer's website.

5, to use the same standard for the purchase of bridesmaid dresses

Imagine what kind of effect would be achieved if the bridesmaids wear different shades of dress. You may not see this slight color difference with the naked eye, but in your wedding photos they will be very dazzling.

6. Do not deal with unauthorized retailers

The farther away from an authorized retailer, the more likely it is to buy the wrong dress. A studio that is not authorized by the designer will declare that they can get the designer's work and use a discount to trick the brides. There are many hidden dangers in this kind of transaction: the color of the fabric may be deviated, the dress may be flawed, or simply use the wrong fabric!

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