Fashion Week Show

Gore designer wowed by Fashion Week Show

Gore fashion designer Luke Dawson is looking forward to returning home to start creating more clothing after a whirlwind few days showing his label at New Zealand Fashion Week.

"I'm pretty bloody knackered but it's been awesome. I've been like a lost fly in a big city.

"I dropped the girlfriend off at the airport yesterday to come back to Gore and to be honest I could have got on the plane with her."

Luke Dawson's collection, called The Boy From Goreville, was on the runway at the New Generation show on the catwalk at the Viaduct Basin in Auckland on Tuesday.

The line features a comic strip drawn by him after he merged his interest in fashion design with his skills in 3D animation.

"It was pretty intimidating putting it out there to start with to be honest but the models looked awesome and it went really well.

"I've had some awesome feedback and made some cool connections. The boys from Federation have been looking after me."

Dawson was spending Thursday at a trade show where he hoped to make more fashion industry connections and meet retailers.

"I've had some people say they're keen to stock my stuff in their stores so that's pretty awesome."

Showing his collection at Fashion Week had been a steep learning curve.

"It's been a really big step up.

"It's made me realise that if I want to get on with it I just have to get stuck in and I'm pretty keen to do that now."

He's keen to return next year to hold his own show

He won't be giving up his day job just yet though - Dawson works on the slaughterboard at Silver Fern Farm's Waitane plant.

"In saying that I'll be back at work next week to get a bit of ribbing from the boys at work."

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white T-shirt

My quest for the perfect plain white T-shirt

I enjoy, as a genre, any interview that accompanies the launch of a new clothing line – it is an admirable world of aggrandised nonsense. Take super-stylist Karla Welch, who has just collaborated on a collection with Justin Bieber.

This new range? Seven plain white T-shirts. In fact, supermarket-bought T-shirts “reimagined” (cut up and put back together) to best suit the star’s taste. And pray, what’s wrong with a normal white T-shirt? According to Bieber, the T-shirt he wanted “literally didn’t exist in the marketplace”.

Now I love a tee more than the next person, and arguably more than Bieber. My favourite is from Cos. Soft, firm, it hangs beautifully, and unlike thinner tees, your man boobs and beer belly don’t poke through. In fact through some dark magic they somehow make you look skinnier. And at £12 a pop, you can’t go too wrong. But the idea that a T-shirt could, to paraphrase Bieber, “push boundaries”? Maybe my commitment to Cos was stopping me from charting new territory.

This might all sound a little overblown, but this item is fairly fundamental to a man’s wardrobe: “I guess because it’s versatile, anyone can wear a white T-shirt and not be judged,” says Elgar Johnson, the fashion director at GQ Style.

There is no such thing as a plain white T-shirt. Tiny, almost imperceptible differences between them can be life-changing. It’s also the last of the great men’s staples. So many of the sacred cows of trendy menswear have been slaughtered in recent years: skinny jeans, beanie hats, bright macs, bomber jackets, hi-top trainers – all unavoidable a few years ago, now tacky and uncool. Yet the white T-shirt prevails.

They work because while white is a statement colour – if you went to a party wearing a bright white outfit, you are basically saying: “Look at me, I have arrived and I am very good at not spilling drinks on myself.” – a plain T-shirt is a deeply innocuous piece of clothing. So it lets you be both nonchalant and exceptional: the perfect crime.

To realise its power, simply think of its sworn enemy, the navy T-shirt. Imagine a man in a navy T-shirt and navy jeans: his favourite band is Kings of Leon; he hasn’t told his wife he loves her in six months; he has given up on life. You try to know more about him but you cannot, because he is already fading from view, disappearing into his own stock photo existence.

By contrast, the white T-shirt is essential not just for the summer hipster, but suits the tattooed punk, the dad that dates, the stylish hip-hop head: it is the very pinnacle of versatility, available on every high street. It is also democratic. “They look good on men and women, pop stars, royalty and builders – whoever,” says Elgar Johnson.

With that versatility and flexibility in mind, I went in search of the perfect white tee, trying a different one each day of the week.

I start my week with a Sunspel short-sleeved crew neck in white. Sunspel is an upmarket brand with a heritage, the sort of place people go to treat themselves to a pair of expensive boxers when they get a promotion. A few friends tell me their T-shirts are the best out there. At £65 a go, they really should be. The top is unbelievably soft and I feel richer as soon as I put it on. It definitely would be perfect with an overshirt or suit jacket, but it feels too much like a posh undershirt to wear on its own.

The quality of the Sunspel is all the more noticeable when I try the offering from Arket, a kind of upmarket knicknacks and basics store from the people behind H&M, which has just launched in London. Their tee is thin and scratchy, and see-through, so every hair on my chest is visible. It is so uncomfortable I have to take it off after five minutes and go back to a Cos classic.

On Wednesday, I go by the maxim that anyone who only sells one thing must be bloody good at it, and opt for online specialists The White T-shirt Company. In Bieberesque fashion, it claims to have “started with a simple goal – to design and make the perfect white T-shirt. A wardrobe classic made without compromise to quality, style or ethics.” It’s a soft, thick shirt that hangs nicely, but the look is a bit too basic, like a 1970s gym kit.

I give David Gandy’s M&S white tee a go next. It is the least flattering of the bunch, a sort of half-hearted V-neck, with a hospital-gown fit. But its softness almost makes me cry. This is the perfect bed shirt, as long no one can see you.

There is not an outfit that doesn’t work with a white tee: suits, jackets, pyjamas ... But the classic is just on its own, with blue or black jeans, harking back to the man that made them so popular: James Dean. His simple, untailored white T-shirt worn in Rebel Without a Cause led to soaring sales in the US, particularly at JC Penney, where it was rumoured Dean’s T-shirt came from.

The winner in my test comes at the end of the week from Swedish basics online store Asket. Unlike the other tees, they have offerings in five sizes and three lengths. I opt for the large-long tee and it’s perfect: thicker than the others but still quite soft, with that right James Dean-y look that means you can wear it on its own.

Supermarket and discount T-shirts still remain some of the best available; the Bieber shirts are going to be XL Hanes T-shirts taken apart and stitched back together to make them longer – you can buy a seven-pack of them for about a tenner. I have a bunch of the Hanes ones at home and I can see the appeal: the cotton feels workmanlike, almost industrial. But it is a good thing they are cheap, as you get through them quicker than dishcloths – it takes just a drip of moussaka or a wash warmer than a baby’s bath water and they’re ruined for ever. Stains expand as they reach them, like oil on water.

If you are rolling your eyes at this point, I know, they are just bloody plain T-shirts. But let me just say that at the end of the week, I did a blind feel test with five new tees, a Cos classic and my long-suffering girlfriend. She correctly recognised every one straight away. When she got to the Arket one, she said “eugh!” and threw it across the room.

Besides, there is still a level above that I haven’t reached – the designer white tee. Kanye West made a white tee with APC that cost $120 (about £90); Rick Owens, the US furniture and clothes designer, has one out this season for £179. Really though, those shirts already fail, because a white T-shirt cannot be kept for life: imagine shelling $430 for a Gucci washed cotton tee (a real thing), only to dribble down juice from a lamb shish, ruining it for ever. That’s the thing about a white T-shirt, they are transient. If you’re as dribbly as me, you have to buy one a month, so you might as well get it right.

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a Re/Done Denim Collaboration

Cindy Crawford’s #TBT Inspired a Re/Done Denim Collaboration

It’s widely understood that Kaia Gerber, the gorgeous offspring of Cindy Crawford, is following in her mother’s picture perfect footsteps. See, for example, her gig as the face of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.

But now, it looks as if Crawford is drawing inspiration from her daughter. Let us explain.

Gerber, who happens to be a cool teen on the scene in L.A., is often photographed wearing reworked Levi’s jeans from denim brand of the moment, Re/Done. There was the cropped and flared pair she wore to the Tommy Hilfiger show on the West Coast this past February, and again, just a few days later in New York. The brand’s cut-off shorts have become part of her summer uniform, particularly a cuffed true blue pair she’s been wearing around Malibu.

So it seems Crawford was inspired by her progeny, as she is partnering up with Re/Done on a capsule of jeans. Aptly titled The Crawford, the three-piece range includes a re-worked pair of Levi’s 501 Original jeans in a throwback faded blue hue, a t-shirt with a nod to her famous mole and a black sweatshirt with her airbrushed portrait on the back. The jeans, which are mid-rise and slightly skinny, were inspired by a pair that Crawford wore in the ’90s and loved so much she never gave them away. The fit of the pants has been modernized for 2017, so these jeans are guaranteed to be both flattering and vintage.

But how did this range really come to be? Well, it all started with Crawford’s Instagram post (as most things do these days), which was a throwback of the model in a pair of Levis. In the caption, she wrote “Workin’ that @shopredone look before @shopredone was even born!” Touché!

The brand’s co-founder, Sean Barron, did give the model credit, admitting: “She popularized the look that is the core of the brand.” So turns out that Gerber, yet again, is simply taking style notes from her mother.

To celebrate the launch of these new Re/Done designs, Crawford has taken over the brand’s Instagram Stories. The denim line is taking the Instagram focus one step further, by offering 20 limited pieces from the collection, which can only be shopped by swiping through Stories. In addition to Instagram, the collection, which deserves the title of the sexiest mom jeans on the market, can also be scooped up at Barneys, Colette, Ron Herman Japan and on Re/Done’s website.

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$2000 'Holocaust' dress

Miu Miu removes $2000 'Holocaust' dress from sale

In fashion, there are certain rules designers ought to follow, such as do not print slogans that condone drug use or the sexualisation of children.

And do not, under any circumstances, place a yellow star anywhere near the chest of any garment.

While designers sometimes plead that such stars evoke the Wild West or varsity culture (stars are cute! stars denote achievement!), the Nazis made sure that from the 1930s until forever that they will be associated with the murderous pursuit of Jews in the Holocaust.

And yet, Italian fashion giant Miu Miu got it so hopelessly wrong by producing a dress in its latest range with a yellow star patch on the chest.

Although the star is five pointed, and not the six points of the Star of David, and says "John", it didn't matter.

The outrage was swift, with Canadian shoppers at the Holt Renfrew department store among the first to alert a US-based blogger, who goes only by the name "Jewish Chick".

"I was shocked and saddened that a brand such as Miu Miu [sister brand of Prada] would bring such a design to production and a store such as [Holt Renfrew] would then sell it without question," Jewish Chick, who did not wish to give her real name, told Fairfax Media.

"While the star has five points versus six, it clearly brings back horrific images of the stars Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust and is a direct spit in the face to the six million Jews who were massacred by the Nazis, as well as those who survived."

On Monday US time, Holt Renfrew removed the "offensive" clothing from sale and issued an apology, Jewish Chick said.

Subsequently, Preia Narendra, senior vice-president of marketing and communications at Miu Miu, sent Jewish Chick this email: "It was not Miu Miu's intent in any way to make any political or religious statement, and we apologise for any offence that may have been taken. Kindly note that effective immediately these items will be removed from the collection."

While Fairfax Media was unable to find any of the "yellow star" dresses, which would have cost more than $2000 based on similar items, online on Wednesday, e-boutique SSense was still selling a blue shirt with a red star from the collection.

In 2014, Spanish fast-fashion giant Zara pulled a children's top from sale that was striped and had a yellow star on the chest. While the star said "sherriff" and was five pointed, the striped background only added to comparisons to a concentration camp uniform.

And in 2007, Zara also had to withdraw a handbag that featured a green swastika embroidered inside a red sun.

As the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I find myself asking how this keeps happening.

No-one is suggesting Miu Miu (or Zara before it) intended to draw Holocaust comparisons to its latest range but the use of a yellow star anywhere on a garment, especially on the chest, is considered tone deaf at best and deeply offensive at worst.

Perhaps it's time designers just ditch the yellow star as a fashion motif altogether. It's just not worth the price.

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A Fashion Star In The Making

Suhana Khan's Heavy Metal Leather Boots Will Convince You That She Is A Fashion Star In The Making

Second born of the world's second richest entertainer, Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana Khan has access to designers that most people struggle pronouncing. Yet, the 17-year-old isn't your regular millennial. For one, she refrains from sharing her exotic life experiences on social media. So, nope, she won't play the token #RichKidOfInstagram because the world expects her to. That's not to say that the teenager doesn't have access to the fab life. In the past, we have seen her push major looks in Herve Leger (her lovely mum, Gauri Khan is known to have a special place for the brand in her queen-size wardrobe) and establish herself as a dedicated consumer of high fashion.

Yesterday, the little one pulled out another one of her heavy-duty looks from her arsenal that is possibly overflowing with many such gems. For this round, Suhana took after her mom for the outfit and chose a black halter top to pair with skinny jeans. She was accompanied by besties Ananya Pandey, Ahaan Pandet and Shanaya Kapoor. The faces of tomorrow were headed to the Superdry party at the ongoing Lakmé Fashion Week.

But it was those Saint Laurent leather boots that we were most excited to see for their day out. You are looking at about Rs. 82, 000 of heavy metal, should you have found a match in this chain-wrapped pair. Jimmy Choo's signature acrylic neon sling accompanied her on this designer outing. Raise your hand if you think Suhana is finally ready to embrace her ingrained superstar status.

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Marathon Training

Kevin Hart Debuts Never-Before-Seen Nike Shoes During Marathon Training

Hollywood funnyman Kevin Hart is gearing up for another marathon, and he’s doing it in a Nike running sneaker you’ve never seen before.

Hart took to Instagram yesterday to give fans a look at his training regimen in a hurdle jumping pose. Unsurprisingly, the comedian was dressed head-to-toe in Nike, which Hart has represented as an ambassador since 2015.

While the motivational image and caption are share-worthy enough on their own, it was Hart’s kicks that caught our attention. He’s laced up in a bright crimson red colorway of the Nike Zoom VaporFly 4%, the brand’s $250 runner inspired by its Breaking2 campaign, an attempt to break the two-hour marathon barrier.

Nike released the Zoom VaporFly 4% to the public in July; however, it’s already sold out from the brand’s e-commerce site. A takedown version, known as the Zoom Fly, is available now from nike.com for $150.

There’s currently no confirmation on whether the crimson Zoom VaporFly 4% worn by Hart will be released to the public.

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These $24 Shoes

Cara Delevingne Celebrated Her 25th Birthday With These $24 Shoes

As we’ve seen from her latest “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” press tour, Cara Delevingne is always a knockout on the red carpet. The model-turned-actress has wowed the world with everything from her pink hair and pearl dress to her gorgeous crystal-embellished black pant suit.

This week, the star turned 25 — and she decided to celebrate the occasion by bringing all of her friends together for a fun Mexican getaway. Not surprisingly, Delevingne didn’t disappoint with her off-duty birthday style. Her squad kicked off the trip with matching all-red looks, followed by a sea of colorful swimsuits as they continued the supermodel’s special day on a boat.

Birthday girl Delevingne stood out in an all-white suit and a vibrant striped Issey Miyake coat, which she used as a beach coverup. But what really caught our eye was the matching flip-flops she wore. Delevingne took to Instagram to give her seal of approval on the yellow Havaianas, which you can purchase now for only $24 online. It’s no secret that the brand’s sandals are a summer staple, but now Delevingne gives us even more reason to stock up.

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fashion makeover

Android Wear hopes you care after fashion makeover

Earlier this month, I was sitting in a conventional conference room in Google's New York office, complete with the standard movable whiteboard, an oblong gray table, a conference phone and an intercom system.

This, however, was not the standard product briefing.

Roughly two dozen smartwatches sat on the table, bearing the names of trendy brands such as Tag Heuer and Movado. Yes, Google's head of Android Wear was in the room, but so were six sharply dressed representatives from the fashion world. The watches came in different materials, bands and, most importantly, sizes.

Consider this a second act for Android Wear, which has struggled since it came out of the gate three years ago at the Google I/O developer conference. Though people are starting to warm up to smartwatches, the ones they're buying are the Apple Watch or Samsung's Tizen-powered Gear S watches. Android Wear is missing out. Its most successful partner, Motorola, stopped making watches.

As result, the usual Android partners like Samsung and LG were nowhere to be found at the briefing. In their place were brands you're likely to see at a Macy's, from Emporio Armani to Michael Kors.

For David Singleton, who leads the Android Wear team for Google, the plethora of watches on the table were part of Android's philosophy to create different products that fit your unique tastes.

"It's really cool to be sitting here ... and really see that diversity we were aiming for really come to life," he said in an interview.

Fashion forward

It's no coincidence Google is opting for a more couture makeover. Its partnership with the Fossil Group, which makes watches for Michael Kors, Emporio Armani and Diesel, is one of its rare bright spots.

Fossil was the largest seller of Android Wear watches in the first quarter, according to IDC. Still, it made up only 5.7 percent of the global market, with Garmin and Samsung, which both use their own operating systems, ahead of it. Leading the pack was Apple, which makes up more than half the sale of smartwatches.

Still, Hannah Liu, director of wearables at Fossil, said she was seeing "hockey stick" level growth in smartwatches (which is admittedly easy when you're starting from zero).

And boy, are its customers obsessed with their watch faces. Liu said that over a 30-day period, Michael Kors smartwatch owners changed the face more than a million times.

That's why the array of watches on the table not only had a wide variety of different looks, they all had some custom aspect to the watch face as well. One Michael Kors watch had a unique face that pulled up photos from your Facebook or Instagram feed. A Fossil watch let you tweak the colors and look of the face, and share it with friends through a special code so other Fossil wearers could share in the look.

"If you've ever been in a 'bride tribe,' you know that would be useful," Liu said.

Addressing an early issue with bulky smartwatches, Liu added that the new collection includes smaller sizes to better accommodate female shoppers and consumers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The fashion brands may be eager to get into the game because Apple Watch is starting to eat their lunch, according to Avi Greengart, an analyst at Global Data. The Apple Watch is priced between $270 and $1,300, and many of these brands sit smack in the middle of that range.

"This is a conscious decision by the fashion brands," said Greengart.

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Bridget Malcolm

Bridget Malcolm: I follow my gut, not trends I don't feel comfortable with

When Bridget Malcolm was spotted by a modelling agency scout on the street at age 14, she put aside her classical music and ballet training for a hugely successful modelling career.

Now 25, she has been the face of Seafolly and Polo Ralph Lauren and walked in Victoria's Secret shows. She lives between LA and New York with her American musician husband, Nathaniel Hoho, and recently returned home to shoot David Jones' spring/summer campaign.

You play the oboe, piano and clarinet and considered being a professional musician. Is this still on the cards?

I don't think so, at least not in an orchestral sense. It takes a huge amount of work and discipline to be a successful classical musician. I enjoy jamming in a more relaxed setting. I'm working on a bachelor's degree in nutrition and would like to expand my business in health and wellness once that's completed.

Do you still play much music?

I do. I love the oboe very much and I'm a big fan of music in general. I have a soft spot for all '80s music – I saw New Order at [California music festival] Coachella recently, but I also love classical music. Seeing the New York Philharmonic is always such a treat.

You're vegan. What prompted that?

I'd always had vegetarian leanings, then one day I started watching documentaries on the PETA website, and that was it for me. I went full-time vegan in 2015 after years of on-again, off-again – and I feel great for it.

Describe your personal style.

Magpie meets street kid? Just kidding, but I do have a penchant for shiny objects! I love to wear good-quality basics – Levi's with a good vintage shirt, paired with a great bag and shoes.

Favourite item in your wardrobe?

A vintage Fleetwood Mac shirt I bought in Joshua Tree [in southern California]. That trip was unforgettable, and that shirt is so old I almost want to frame it.

What's your best fashion advice?

Just go with your gut and don't follow trends you're not comfortable with.

How do you and Nathaniel like to spend your leisure time?

We are so busy and spend so much time travelling that downtime is precious to us. It's usually spent outdoors – hiking, surfing and chilling in our backyard.

Any plans for a family?

We have had many discussions about this and are very excited about starting a family, but we have decided to wait a few more years. At the moment we are focused on each other and our careers but when the time comes, we are very ready for it.

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a Name in Shoes

Meet the Up-and-Coming Insider Label That’s Making a Name in Shoes


BASE: “Paris. It was obvious at the time because of the excellence in fashion you have here, the tradition and the new energy.”

MADE IN: Italy

BACKSTORY: “The shoes were conceived in France in collaboration with the famous shoemaker Massaro, and with Swarovski rocks.”

YOUR SHOES IN THREE WORDS: “Chic, contemporary and comfortable.”

CREATIVE PROCESS: “I create with intuitions first, not concepts. I drape, I try many times until I find the right shape or idea. In the end, I have to really want to wear the shoes. And I do.”

COMPETITIVE EDGE: “What I try to achieve is to mix something highly sophisticated with some youth culture energy and art influences to create a unique product you’ll find nowhere


SHOP TALK: Barneys New York and Tokyo, Le Bon Marché, Selfridges, Matches, Babylon.

BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT: “My first show. I had only one collection, and we made it with friends. There was a lot of energy and support in the middle of a busy crowded shopping mall. And already, big buyers and journalists were there. It was a blast.”

WISE WORDS: “Stay true to your vision, always.”

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: “Koché is not 3 years old, and we have 60 selling points in more than 10 countries. I’m very proud for my studio and my team.”

MENTORS: “A lot of people were and still are important: Howard Tanguy at Central St. Martins, Virginie Viard at Chanel, Michele Lamy, Dries Van Noten.”

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Gold Coast Fashion Spotlight

At just 27-years-old, Karina Irby has reached the type of success some can only dream of. She's already amassed a huge following from her swimwear label, Moana Bikini and continues to expand her offering (including a sister business - Bikini Body Burn). Her vivid prints and cheeky cut bikini bottoms have become a staple for the brand, so much so that girls all over the world are flaunting and LOVING her designs.

Being based on the GC means Moana Bikini is the perfect subject for our Gold Coast Fashion Spotlight series! I had a chat to Karina to get to know about her journey to success, life as an entrepreneur and her favourite GC spots (of course!):

Was choosing to design bikinis always locked in for you? Had you considered designing any other type of clothing?

Oh gosh, designing bikinis… even designing other products or clothing… was never really a locked in plan for me… it just, kind of, happened! First and foremost, I just love bikinis. I have always lived, travelled to and wanted to be, at the beach. Bikinis are my favourite item of clothing.

Armed with an $800 loan from Dad, I entered the swimwear industry with 20 pairs of bikinis I sourced from overseas in a wholesaling arrangement. That agreement didn’t last long as I wanted to create my own designs and leave my own mark on the swimwear world. And now, seven years on, I guess it wasn’t a one-off thing! Dad has only just let me pay him back three months ago.

While it was a combination of weird and random occurrences that led to me starting Moana, looking back it all seems like it was meant to be.

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Utterly Casual Yacht Wedding

Nothing could be more fun than an utterly casual yacht wedding, although I can't say whatever gender restrooms are fun for all, doctor-patient confidentiality and what to do about a no-show guest, were questions to Didi Lorillard at NewportManners this week.


Q. At a seated dinner recently the man whose name was on the place card next to me didn't show up. It was a table of ten seated boy-girl, boy-girl, etc. His date didn't show up either, so there were two empty seats at our table of ten. A gate crasher took one of the vacant seats. He was the bride's hairdresser and was an entertaining fill-in. Someone suggested I move over a spot. I did but at a big table like that it is hard to equally talk to the person on your left and the person on your right when there is an empty space between you. I was impressed that the host came over right after we sat down to say he was sorry that the missing couple had to leave because of an emergency, and asked if it was alright if he sent over a gate crasher.

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The hard part for me was that the only actual person I sat next to was stuck with me and I with him. What would you have done, Didi? AV, Newport, RI

A. At some point before the entree was cleared, you could have suggested that the one person seated next to you switch seats with a person across the table. You could say, "Let's shake up the table a bit and switch you with George when the wedding cake is served." It takes social skills to make such a switch, but if you take the lead you can make it happen gracefully, if not humorously.

Doctor Patient confidentiality

Q. My husband and I are currently without health insurance and he's been taking an over-the-counter anti-depressent called SAM-e, which makes him irritable and at times either whiny or overly-anxious -- or both. His primary physician doesn't know he is taking SAMe. But I feel I should tell him. My husband insists it is as good, if not better, than any of the expensive prescription antidepressants he took when we had health insurance, pre Obamacare. Should I just be happy that he is no longer depressed and grin and bear the whining and anxiety. Long-Suffering Wife, West Bath, ME

A. The US Food and Drug Administration doesn't sufficiently regulate over-the-counter herbs supplements, so the jury is still out on whether antidepressants such as SAM-e are totally safe. What you can do is to persuade your husband to talk to his primary care physician about SAM-e to see if any medication he is also taking works with the SAM-e, or against it. For instance SAM-e could possibly affect bleeding risk if your husband is also taking any drug that affects bleeding, such as aspirin or blood thinners. Or if he takes a drug to control his blood pressure.

What you can say to your primary care doctor is this: I'm concerned that SAM-e may not be working well for Jack. Can you please talk to him about what he's taking, how much he's taking and how often, so that he can get a reality check on his mood swings.

His doctor may not know he's taking SAM-e, so you want to assume for the safety of your husband that his doctor knows about the SAM-e.

Utterly Casual Yacht Wedding

Q. My boyfriend and I are invited to a wedding taking place at sea on a yacht. What do we wear? What should we know about a yacht wedding? The dress code is Utterly Casual. Since there are 150 guests we don't want to be underdressed or overdressed. We're not sure what Utterly Casual means for a wedding on a boat! PH, Manhattan

A. You can assume that the bride and groom will be dressed casually, but more formally than their guests. They want everyone to relax and have a good time.

Most important is footwear. Shoes should be broken in so they won't slip or slide on slippery high polished flooring. Don't wear spiked heels that could damage any wooden floors.

Your boyfriend would wear a navy blue blazer or any lightweight linen jacket, a collared open shirt and dress khakis, colored or white trousers with possibly a rubber sole shoe. A tie would be optional.

As the bride will be dressed super casually, you wouldn't want to wear anything that might be dressier than what she's wearing. A jumpsuit would be terrific or any dress that moves well in the wind and on the dance floor that's not puffy with fabric or tacky with sequins.

Also see: beach wedding dress

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Wedding Cake

A WOOLWORTHS mud cake has saved a Townsville couple’s wedding from disaster.

And now the story has gone viral around the world after being posted on social media.

Jade Neil spent two years preparing for her big day and thought everything was perfect. But when she arrived at the reception on October 7 last year and found there was no cake she was mortified.

She quickly rang the cake company and was told they had no record of her cake.

Quick thinking and a trip to Woolworths to buy three mud cakes saved the wedding celebratiions of Jade and Rohan Neil.

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Mrs Neil produced evidence showing she had in fact booked but the company responded it could not provide a cake in time for the reception.

She admitted she turned into “bridezilla” while on the phone with the company. “I was angry but there was nothing they could do,” she said.

Resigned to the fact she would have no wedding cake, Mrs Neil went ahead with the reception. But her sister-in-law Candice West and friend May Chew had other plans.

They had ducked off to Woolies with a cunning scheme – to quickly produce a decorative wedding cake using three mud cakes, Betty Crocker icing and fresh flowers.

Mrs Neil said she later discovered they had charged through the Townsville CBD Woolworths yelling, “Everyone get out of the way, we have a wedding cake to make.”

Mrs Neil said she was shocked when they produced the professional-looking cake.

“I was blown away when they brought it in,” she said.

“And there was barely any left at the end.”

Only last week she was shown behind-the-scenes photos of how they made the cake.

She shared her story on the Woolworths Facebook page on Friday where it went viral, receiving tens of thousands of likes and comments.

Mrs Neil said she was shocked by the reaction.

“I have a friend that messaged me from Canada who said the story had made it to the United States,” she said.

“I was like, holy moly, what, will I end on Ellen DeGeneres next?”

She said people likely related to the story because of the positive outcome.

“There’s so much doom and gloom these days, people often don’t get to the chance to talk about good stories,” she said.

She has been inundated with messages from people saying they loved the story and it had made their day.

“The best things are the posts showing what other people have done with mud cakes. Things I would have never dreamed of like a unicorn cake,” Mrs Neil said.

She had planned to freeze her wedding cake and eat a slice with her husband Rohan Neil on their anniversary.

“On the plus side now we can go to Woolies and get a Woolies mud cake at any time of the year,” she said.

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Destination Weddings

APEX Insight: Air Transat, Delta and WestJet are encouraging destination weddings with offers ranging from discounts to reserved wedding dress compartments.

According to TripSavvy, 24% of marriages are destination weddings with 90% of couples highlighting weather as a key factor when selecting their destination. Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas is the number one destination for weddings away from home, with over 100,000 ceremonies performed per year. Outside of the United States, top destinations include the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii, all offering ceremony backdrops of sun, sand and surf.

Airlines play an important role in destination weddings and some are taking steps to make the journey as seamless as possible. WestJet offers wedding packages, helping couples choose their destination, in addition to resort and hotel options curated by WestJet’s experts. When booking wedding packages through Delta Air Lines, couples receive a rebate per booked guest.

“The market for destination weddings is constantly growing.” – Transat Tours Canada

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Building on its wedding and honeymoon offering, Air Transat partnered with Weddingbells and Mariage Québec, two Canadian wedding publications, earlier this year to offer couples, who are en route to their wedding, perks including an upgrade to Option Plus and a compartment reserved for the wedding gown. “The market for destination weddings is constantly growing, and our expertise has helped thousands of couples plan their dream wedding, perfectly tailored to them,” said Geneviève LeBrun, vice-president of Marketing at Transat Tours Canada.

However, airlines’ rules vary when it comes to transporting wedding gowns. One New York Times writer advises brides to be sure their dress fits in the overhead bin and understand that it may account for their carry-on allowance.

Engaging an airline or wedding travel program will ensure guests are well looked after and have all the details they need to make the wedding day, as well as their vacation, a success. Popular wedding website, theknot.com, offers 50 top destinations as well as tips to ensure the destination, timing and travel is seamless and that the bride and groom can relax and enjoy the festivities.

APEX Insight: Air Transat, Delta and WestJet are encouraging destination weddings with offers ranging from discounts to reserved wedding dress compartments. According to TripSavvy, 24% of marriages are destination weddings with 90% of couples highlighting weather as a key factor when selecting their destination. Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas is the number one destination for weddings away from home, with over 100,000 ceremonies performed per year. Outside of the United States, top destinations include the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii, all offering ceremony backdrops of sun, sand and surf. Airlines play an important role in destination weddings and some are taking steps to make the journey as seamless as possible. WestJet offers wedding packages, helping couples choose their destination, in addition to resort and hotel options curated by WestJet’s experts. When booking wedding packages through Delta Air Lines, couples receive a rebate per booked guest. “The market for destination weddings is constantly growing.” – Transat Tours Canada Building on its wedding and honeymoon offering, Air Transat partnered with Weddingbells and Mariage Québec, two Canadian wedding publications, earlier this year to offer couples, who are en route to their wedding, perks including an upgrade to Option Plus and a compartment reserved for the wedding gown. “The market for destination weddings is constantly growing, and our expertise has helped thousands of couples plan their dream wedding, perfectly tailored to them,” said Geneviève LeBrun, vice-president of Marketing at Transat Tours Canada. However, airlines’ rules vary when it comes to transporting wedding gowns. One New York Times writer advises brides to be sure their dress fits in the overhead bin and understand that it may account for their carry-on allowance. Engaging an airline or wedding travel program will ensure guests are well looked after and have all the details they need to make the wedding day, as well as their vacation, a success. Popular wedding website, theknot.com, offers 50 top destinations as well as tips to ensure the destination, timing and travel is seamless and that the bride and groom can relax and enjoy the festivities.

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Ivanka Trump

The 35-year-old daughter of US President Trump smiled for the cameras as she was photographed walking down the steps from her home and heading to work.

She swapped the strong black and red military look she wore yesterday for a pale blue number.

The dress today showed off Ivanka’s curves, as it was fitted at the top and cinched in at the waist, but its floaty skirt gave the First Daughter some free movement to combat the summer heat.

Small pearls were sewn around the sleeves of the dress, and she accessorised with pearl earrings, a light grey handbag and nude-coloured stilettos.

Ivanka Trump

Images: dusty pink bridesmaid dress

Ivanka completed the look by wearing her hair down in waves, a smoky eye and plenty of bronzer.

Her look was much different to the one she wore yesterday, when she was again pictured leaving her Washington home.

Ivanka glammed up her make-up routine, ditching her usual nude-coloured lip for a luscious red shade.

She wore a sleeveless military-inspired dress by Altuzarra, a pair of black heeled sandals which laced up to her calves, and a $395 handbag from her eponymous collection.

Ivanka completed the seductive look with some pillar box red lipstick and a pin of the American flag on one of the lapels on her dress.

The mother-of-three wore her blonde hair straight and down and accessorised the outfit with a simple gold bracelet on her left wrist.

Ivanka spent time with friends and family this weekend as she had some time off from her White House duties.

On Saturday, she was pictured with husband Jared Kushner, 36, on a romantic walk through Washington.

The pair held hands as they strolled along the pavement, laughing and joking with one another.

Ivanka tenderly put her hand on Jared's chest as she laughed while waiting for the lights to change so she could cross the road.

It's believed the pair were heading to Steven Mnunchin's wedding. The United States Secretary of the Treasury is worth $300m and married Louise Linton in a lavish affair on Saturday.

Ivanka was pictured on the street in a casual white vest top and a stunning yellow skirt.

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Indian brides

Among all the things that stress a woman out on her wedding day, it is the thought of spending the night in another bed situated in another house. Every Indian bride has to go through the first night ritual at her husband’s place and the pressure can be daunting. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this stressful. Brides, the night may not even pan out the way you imagined it to. Here’s why:

Your wedding day will tire you out

All the ceremonies of the day will leave you exhausted and it is important to deal with this truth. You may not have the physical energy to do anything on your first night.

You don’t need to look shy if you don’t feel it

We have movies to blame for this. If you’re not a shy bride and if you’re feeling very confident, then be yourself. Your husband will love you for being you.

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You will feel awkward

You will experience this feeling if you’re sharing an intimate space with your partner for the first time. However, there are a number of things that can break the ice.

You won’t get any privacy

In typical Indian fashion, you will have to deal with a gang of cousins, aunts and uncles who will take up your time.

Prepare to be embarrassed

The bridegroom’s family, which is responsible for welcoming a bride to their house, always goes the extra mile while decorating the room where you’re about to spend your first night. Part of this problem is they might hide something embarrassing so survey the room first.

You might not even spend the night together

Some Indian traditions require the groom and the bride to sleep in separate bedrooms on their first night.

It may not turn out like a Bollywood movie

Be realistic and embrace your husband for who he is. Not everything has to be perfect about this night

Make sure you both talk

No matter how the night transpires, you and your newly wedded husband must spend some time together talking about the day you had. After all, it’s the first day of the rest of your life together.

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Traditional wedding

Are you planning your wedding? Here you will find everything there is to know about the Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony in Nigeria. It only takes four minutes of your time and you will know all even the tiniest twists and turns of an ideal ceremony!

Yoruba culture The Western Nigerian culture, Yoruba is full of culture, folklore, and colour. Its people are very cultured, contemporary, easy-going, and friendly. They always invent amazing ways to mix old traditions with modern trends. The Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony (which is actually a very big deal) is full of fun, graceful colours, rich contemporary Nigerian music, and luxurious foods. Wedding for them is an opportunity to showcase their best jewelry, handbags, outfits, and even dancing styles.

Yoruba Traditions

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Traditions rules the bigger part of the whole ceremony. Before the wedding ceremony, the groom usually visits the bride’s family along with his father and some other members of his family. It is an unofficial introduction that happens in a conducive atmosphere to get know better each other. This unofficial introduction does not demand a lot of effort, except for offering a few bottles of wine and some tubers of yam and so on. The bride’s family usually welcomes the visitors with a some soft drinks and a simple meal. Both families would then discuss and decide on the wedding date. Engagement card

When the date is chosen, the groom and bride prepare an engagement card that is addressed to both families. This special card usually includes the name of bride and groom, the date of the wedding, RSVP information, the venue or venues, and the wedding’s colour code. For example, the bride’s family can choose a different colour code from the groom’s family and friends. This way, each family will be represented by a different color. As for the venue, it can be chosen by the couple or the bride’s family. Usually, the choice of a venue must be a compromise between both families. Also, the cuisine of the wedding should be agreed upon by both families. Sometimes the richer family makes a bigger input, still, traditional wedding parties require the united effort of the bride’s and groom’s families. Traditional wedding decorations As for the venue, it could be an open canopy, an event center, a large hall, or just an open area. An event planner usually combines selected colours and creates gorgeous decorations. The list of the guests may be up to 250 people or even more. That is why it is very important to pay attention to the cutlery, seating arrangements, and decorations.

Usually, the decorations are made from coloured balloons, floral arrangements, white tablecloths, tapestries of both color schemes, and chairs covered in lace and the wedding colors. An event planner also decorates the high table for dignitaries, and of course, two eminent chairs are placed in front of the crowd. These are for the bride and groom.

Yoruba traditional wedding cuisine A festive table and wedding menu are the main aspects of the wedding. By the way, both families can take part in this wedding area. It should be professionally contracted to caterers as they will be able to make assorted meals including such traditional dishes as moin moin (beans that have been washed, grounded, and steamed) and jollof rice.

As for the meals, it could be fried or roasted chicken. Also, there can be fresh fish, fried meat, and catfish as well as small chops like meat pies and sausages. By the way, the main attraction is the wedding cake. But other treats like chin chin, small cakes, and other small traditional delicacies can be served. When it comes to the drinks, it’s usually the caterers' responsibility. They should refrigerate drinks and serve the guests.

The drinks could be of different types, for example, punch, alcohol, brandy, juice, fine wines, bottled water and mineral water. By the way, the ceremony would be incomplete without young elegant girls (usually referred to as ushers), to lead invited guests to their seats. Yoruba traditional wedding attire As for the bride's attire, it is often a variation for the female guests’ outfits. The bride usually chooses lace, damask, Nigerian wax fabric, or any other material that suits her. Her attire usually consists of the Buba (a loose-fitting top), Gele (the head tie), and an Iro, which is a large, ankle-length piece of fabric knotted around her waist.

When it comes to the Yoruba traditional wedding colours, they could be coral, white, or gold. these days, it has become very popular to mix colours, for example, white-blue-gold, yellow-violet-gold, white-coral-green, etc. The Yoruba bride usually goes with the one that reflects the colour theme her family has chosen, but it should also blend perfectly with the groom's outfit and look gorgeous.

Also, a bride can wear different accessories such as beads, gold chains, gold earrings and bangles. A Yoruba bride always has the perfect makeup, that finishes off her gorgeous look.

As for the groom, he could wear an Agbada, which is always a two-layered chunk of fabric such as the aso oke. His attire could be made from cotton and damask, or he can wear lace and wax fabric (Ankara). His attire could be of the colour his family has chosen and also, it should blend with the bride's outfit.

Yoruba traditional wedding entertainment and cake When it comes to the entertainment, there is usually a master of the ceremony, which could be a member of the family or a professional. This master of the wedding ceremony usually coordinates the entertainment by representing the DJ or live band and follows the pre-planned programme. All that is left is to feast, dance, and be merry.

According to the Yoruba wedding traditions, the bride should choose the cake. Usually, she finds the right one that blends with the wedding theme. Actually, it can be made of chocolate or a multi-leveled butter with regular icing-sugar. Also, Yoruba traditional wedding cake could have little statuettes of the couple or a simple inscription. One of the main traditions of the wedding is cutting the cake.

Also, an integral part of the wedding is the presentation of gifts. Usually, among the common gifts are golden wrist watches, gold earrings, wax fabric, alligator pepper, bitter kola, kolanut, a bag of rice, a bag of salt, and a even a cow ( nowadays this gift can be substituted with the money equivalent).

Well, as you can see, Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony in Nigeria is very amazing and gorgeous. Among all the varieties of Nigerian weddings it seemed to be the most exciting and colourful. It has so many traditions, which will bring joy and make every participant happy. What do you think?

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marriage proposal

No bridezilla here. A Canadian woman helped orchestrate the perfect surprise marriage proposal for her best friend — on her very own wedding day.

Jess Nakrayko has known Jessica Kieley since elementary school, and they have seen each other through many of life’s ups and downs, according to People. So when Nakrayko began planning her destination wedding to her now-husband, James, Kieley stepped in to help with the heavy lifting.

“All of the work, time, effort that she put into my wedding planning leading up to the wedding was huge,” Nakrayko told People. “She really poured herself into the wedding, and she did so much for me without even expecting a thank you.”

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Kieley and her longtime boyfriend, Adam Brake, had talked about getting married, but the bridesmaid extraordinaire told Nakrayko she wasn’t counting on anything moving forward until after the craziness of the wedding died down, according to the Huffington Post.

That’s when Nakrayko got an idea. What if Brake were to propose during their Jamaican wedding weekend? When she approached him about it, Brake was hesitant — worried about the potential of stealing Nakraykos’ thunder, according to Today.

“I would never ruin your wedding like that,” Brake told her.

But Nakrayko was committed, and while planning certain reception details with her sister — who is also a close friend of Kieley’s — the pair hatched the perfect setup.

“My sister said, ‘what if you didn’t throw the bouquet, but you passed it to Jessica, and Adam was waiting behind, down on one knee?” Nakrayko told the Huffington Post. “And we just lost it.”

After repeatedly assuring Brake that a proposal at her wedding was really what she wanted, Nakrayko succeeded in convincing him to get on board.

“When he thought about it, he knew she would be so shocked and so happy beyond words,” she told People.

The day of the April wedding finally arrived, and the ceremony and reception went off without a hitch. When it came time for the bouquet toss, the new bride was almost as excited as she was before saying, “I do.”

The only people who knew what was about to happen were Brake, Nakrayko and the wedding photographer — who was standing at the ready to capture the moment, according to the Huffington Post.

“So then we had the song change from ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’ to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry Me,’” Nakrayko told the Post. “I starting walking to Jessica, and there was a moment where we locked eyes, and as I went to pass her the bouquet, she started hysterically sobbing, saying ‘no, are you serious?’”

Kieley turned around to find Brake on one knee, ready to pop the question.

Photographer Ross Dance photographed the surprise and ensuing proposal, and posted about the experience on Instagram.

“One of the most beautiful and unselfish things I’ve ever witnessed shooting weddings,” he wrote.

The June 6 post, which includes an image of the second before Kieley turned around for the proposal, quickly went viral. As of Thursday morning, it had garnered more than 5,100 likes.

Nakrayko said she has no regrets, and that she couldn’t imagine a more perfect ending to her big day.

“My best friend was starting her love story — I didn’t even think about that being me giving up my day. I have love and I want people close to me to have that love too,” Nakrayko told the Huffington Post. “I don’t think that people need to be greedy about love.”

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wedding day trend

It won't be for everyone!

We imagine that the morning of your wedding must be a very exciting time but of course, nerves can kick in too.

It seems Miranda Kerr had the perfect antidote to any last-minute stress in the hours before she married her new husband, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel.

Chatting to Gwyneth Paltrow at a panel discussion for Goop, Gwyneth's lifestyle brand, the model explained how she decided to do some yoga the morning of her wedding.

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Mindfulness or madness? You decide.

According to People, Miranda said:

“Our wedding was just so joyful. We started the day, did yoga, then our families came over and we literally had this celebration in our backyard. It was incredible. It was so magical".

The mother of one also spoke about the type of yoga she's currently trying, Kundalini yoga, also known as Laya yoga.

Kundalini, 'the yoga of awareness' involves breath, exercise, chanting and meditation to help relax and heal your body, mind and spirit.

Miranda's a big advocate of this specific type of yoga too, saying:

"It energetically invigorates me. Without that, I don’t know that I’d be able to do everything that I do".

It sounds like it definitely worked for Miranda but we're not sure this is an activity everyone would want to practice the morning of their nuptials...

You can read more about the May 27th "small intimate wedding" here which included a rustic chic theme.

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Joy Anna Duggar

The wedding of Joy-Anna Duggar to her husband, Austin Forsyth, will be featured on the Duggar family's reality TV series, "Counting On," in a special on TLC Monday.

"I don't even know all of how it feels to be husband and wife — so far it's incredible," Joy-Anna told TLC after the wedding. "Saying our vows and saying 'I do' and committing our lives to each other is so incredible. I'm so blessed to be married to him."

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The young couple shared their nuptials in a private ceremony on May 26 in Arkansas. "I'm just looking forward to getting to share my life — it's good times and its challenges — with my best friend," Forsyth said about Joy-Anna.

The bride's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, also shared their excitement for the newlyweds.

"As parents, we could not be more grateful for the godly woman Joy has become, and the loving husband she married!" Jim Bob and Michelle wrote in a blog post on the family's website.

Forsyth was a longtime family friend of the Duggar's before he proposed to Joy-Anna in March. He took the Duggar sister horseback riding and then got down on one knee to pop the question. According to In Touch magazine, the two originally set their wedding date for Oct. 28 but they couldn't wait to tie the knot.

Their May wedding date surfaced after Duggar Family News revealed they were planning to move the wedding date up by five months.

The Forsyths are now talking about adding to the Duggar clan by starting a family of their own.

"We love kids and we're excited to have a family. We're just going to see what the Lord does. We want as many as the Lord thinks we can handle and we are putting it into his hands," the couple told People magazine.

The wedding special will air at 9 p.m. ET June 12 on the TLC network. Click here to see the wedding photos.

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